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Rowena’s Key ~ AJ Nuest

First Read

This is the book that starts it all. The perfect combination of when history meets the present day.

Meet Rowena (present day). Owner of an antique shop and finally got her hands on the piece she’s coveted for quite some time… an armoire. It contains a magical mirror, and she has no idea (the armoire also included a key with her initials on it as well). One night as she’s preparing for bed, the armoire opens and meet Caedmon. Caedmon is a handsome devil from ancient history and his kingdom is in peril. His kingdom is in desperate need of a key to a chest that another kingdom has in its possession. That’s just the first problem… the biggest problem? Rowena has the key with her in current day! Over the course of a some time, Rowena must decide if Caedmon is worth of the key. The adventure begin!!!!

I always knew what kind of hero I loved and adored (and preferred)! I love the bad boy with a heart of gold. You know, cocky but protective?! Then I met Caedmon and that has changed everything!!!! He’s sweet, sensitive and just an overall sweetheart. He had me at his memories of his deceased mother. The treatment he received from his father and half brother when she passed made me wish that they stepped on a small, two-pronged Lego!!!!

I am already in love with the second part of this series, “The Golden Key Legacy” and although this is just the start of “The Golden Key Chronicles”… this series is giving its successor a run for its money!!!!


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A Highlander’s Passion ~ Vonnie Davis

Current Read

A highlander’s passion indeed! Book 2 in the “Beloved” series is even better than the first one. I didn’t think it was possible, but… PHEW!!!!  When Bryce and Kenzie were children, they were the best of friends… but they grew apart. This is the story of bringing them back together.

For Bryce, Kenzie was the one that got away. She didn’t just get away… he let her go and has regretted it ever since, but never stopped loving her. For Kenzie, Bryce always had her heart. There was no one else more deserving… until he casted her aside. In the meantime, they battle their own issues and demons. Bryce is a single father to a free willed 5 year old daughter (who is quite the charmer… with no filter) and Kenzie is dealing with the recent losses in her life. Now Bryce means to get her back. He realizes he should have never, NEVER let her go and she’s not making it easy! Kenzie now faces a danger and Bryce means to protect her. Everything about Kenzie is not what she knows to be true and that could be the difference between life and death.

This book… (deep breath) … have tissues handy. While it is hysterical… it’s also heart wrenching. Kenzie’s story alone will tear at your heart, but also warms your heart as you see her let down her guard and Bryce works to tear down the wall she HAD to put up. Earlier, I said I didn’t think anything could be better than the first story… I stand corrected. If Bryce’s story is this amazing, I can’t wait to read Ronan’s!

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A Highlander’s Obsession ~ Vonnie Davis

Current Read

When you think of the title, you think of the historical romance novels where an English maiden visits a friend/relative… meets the Laird of the local clan… they start off hating each other. He thinks she’s weak, but attractive, she’ll never fit in. She thinks he’s overbearing, insufferable, egotistical, and handsome. Blah, blah, blah… they straighten out their issues and realize they can’t take them being with other people and they get married. (sigh)… That’s so not this book!

For starters… not a historical romance. Is there romance? Like you wouldn’t believe! Is there history? Absolutely, but this story happens in modern day. Instead of an English maiden, she’s American. Meet Paisley. She’s traveling with her grandmother, Effie to Scotland for a relative’s funeral. Paisley is a bit reserved and quite the bookworm (glasses and everything… a girl after my own heart)! Paisley is a very special young woman. She can communicate with animals (telepathically of course.)

Her grandmother, Effie, I don’t know where to start! When I was told there was a grandmother with pink hair, I knew I would love this book. She is the spit fire I knew she would be and more! She has pink hair and wears slippers everywhere, when possible. She quick witted and quite magical. (She also has a great eye for attractive males… My kinda lady!)

Creighton… quite the handsome devil and laird of the Matheson clan. He’s fierce, protective, and very smitten with Paisley. He and his brothers (along with his mum) run the family lodge where Paisley and Effie are staying. Though a series of events, Creighton and Paisley are brought together… broken apart and brought back together. One courageous act threatens to break them apart… this time forever.

I have had many (MANY) fictional boyfriends… but good Lord, Creighton… whew! There’s just something about him! He’s intelligent, funny, and knows how to love and treat a woman. He’s the kind of guy that has you wondering “Could I do better than him? Probably. But I KNOW I can do a lot worse!” (Why are all the great men fictional?!) I’m off to find the next chapter in this awesome series called “A Highlander’s Passion”!

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Stormee Waters ~ Lynda Coker

Current Read

Stormee Waters, 23 year old magazine journalist… Guardian to her 16 year old brother, Josh and caregiver to her aging grandmother. She has a lot on her plate to say the least. Her column for the week… “Alpha Males: Despicable or Desirable?” Meet Dirk Savage. He runs his own company and is used to getting his way… in everything.  Stormee interviews Dirk and the attraction is instant. Dirk does come on a bit strong… but he’s an alpha male, what did you expect?!

I would rate it 3 and half stars. While the story was interesting, there were moments when I felt that the story is being rushed. Granted, it is a short story… but there were a few scenes that could have been fleshed out a bit. The writing was well done and you’re able to connect with the characters (I loved Nana!), but it felt a little rushed. This short story is a great way to pass the time and I really enjoyed it!

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High and Mighty ~ S.S. Skye

Current ReadPicture this… A queen trapped in a tower for months with no rescue in sight. Your betrothed is running your kingdom and she’s accused of treason. The accusation of your betrothed being the reason you are locked in a tower. Interesting? Sure! Story execution, eh…

Lynley has been trapped in a tower for 3 months with no idea who put her there. With the help of Willard, a young village man, she escapes… but she’s not exactly the nicest person you’ve ever met. She’s constantly questioning (even if to herself) his competency… even though without him, she’d still be in that tower. She comes off as ungrateful for the rescue.

Isolda is betrothed to Lynley, which Lynley’s cousin, Brayden, is against. Isolda is holding down the fort (so to speak) and she’s described as sometimes cold, aloof, and calculating. While she wants to be queen and enjoys being with Lynley, there are some who feel she would stop at nothing to make that happen… even locking her betrothed in a tower. The culprit wasn’t actually surprising.

The writing wasn’t bad and it was a short story. It just didn’t do it for me. I didn’t hate it, but I wasn’t enthralled either. I would recommend it to pass the time.

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The Millionaire’s Forever ~ Sonya Weiss

Current Read

One lie can change the course of your future… One decision can change everyone’s life in a matter of seconds. One fateful night at a party tied Mason and Olivia together… but not in the way you think. Mason has always had a reputation for being a “bad boy”, but he really has a heart of gold. Olivia was the girl that was always off limits. Mason and his friends go to jail for a crime they did not commit… and one person could have helped, Olivia. So naturally, Mason and friends want revenge.

Olivia has started a wedding dress business and it’s struggling. So she creates a little white lie about having such an amazing fiancé. Enter Mason and revenge. Let the games begin!

What a chess match this was! Mason and Olivia are always trying to stay one step of each other so that they don’t get hurt in the end, but when they let their guard down the chemistry is palpable. Olivia is a strong female lead and Mason was the guy you shouldn’t like, but can’t help but root for him. This was my introduction to Sonya Weiss and I was not disappointed. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Weiss in the future!


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