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A Highlander’s Passion ~ Vonnie Davis

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A highlander’s passion indeed! Book 2 in the “Beloved” series is even better than the first one. I didn’t think it was possible, but… PHEW!!!!  When Bryce and Kenzie were children, they were the best of friends… but they grew apart. This is the story of bringing them back together.

For Bryce, Kenzie was the one that got away. She didn’t just get away… he let her go and has regretted it ever since, but never stopped loving her. For Kenzie, Bryce always had her heart. There was no one else more deserving… until he casted her aside. In the meantime, they battle their own issues and demons. Bryce is a single father to a free willed 5 year old daughter (who is quite the charmer… with no filter) and Kenzie is dealing with the recent losses in her life. Now Bryce means to get her back. He realizes he should have never, NEVER let her go and she’s not making it easy! Kenzie now faces a danger and Bryce means to protect her. Everything about Kenzie is not what she knows to be true and that could be the difference between life and death.

This book… (deep breath) … have tissues handy. While it is hysterical… it’s also heart wrenching. Kenzie’s story alone will tear at your heart, but also warms your heart as you see her let down her guard and Bryce works to tear down the wall she HAD to put up. Earlier, I said I didn’t think anything could be better than the first story… I stand corrected. If Bryce’s story is this amazing, I can’t wait to read Ronan’s!


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