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Beauty and the Werewolf ~ Kristin Miller

Beauty and the Werewolf

I received a copy from NetGalley for an honest review… so here we go!

I don’t want anyone to think I didn’t enjoy this story because I did, but I was kinda expecting a little more from the description that was given. Isabelle is an international artist and soon to be pack leader of the Irish wolf pack. She wants to get her body of work together in one room to show her father with the hopes to make him proud. One of her pieces bring her to San Francisco where she meets Jack McGrath, the owner of her favorite pieces… and member of a lifetime family rival… It’s your paranormal version of “Romeo and Juliet”. Jack has managed to live longer than most shifters who haven’t found their mates. 20 years longer to be exact… so he’s pushing it! Isabelle has heard nothing great about the McGrath family… they’re liars, thieves, cheats… but what do you do when you meet the one who matches none of those descriptions?

Jack was a great character… he’s charming, sweet and sensitive. Some of the writing seemed a bit dated… but you got the point the author was trying to make. As this is the second book of the series… it could be read as a stand alone… (I know, I just did it!) I would recommend this to anyone who likes a quick, shape-shifting read!

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A Highland Bride ~ Maeve Greyson


Wow… wow! This is the second installment of the “Highland Heart” series and it didn’t disappoint. I fell in love with the McKenna clan and the Sinclair family in “My Highland Lover” (you can read the review here…) and I thought it couldn’t possibly get any better than Trulie and Gray. Boy was I wrong. THIS is the story of Kenna and Colum!

Kenna is one of Trulie’s younger sister and Granny is giving one week to get her things in order. It’s time to make her leap back in time. While Kenna is reluctant to make the leap, she knows it’s written in her fate to do so… and so it must be. Colum is the womanizer of the clan and what better way to make him change his ways than to have him set up the spirited Kenna. Over the course of a few months they get to know each other and grow close. But… what would a great story be without conflict?! Meet Chieftain Sutherland, the conflict. He has decided that Kenna was the woman that was meant for him and so it must be. Can Colum put his pride to the side to claim his woman? Can Kenna get him to see that he is her destiny?

Once again the writing is superb and it was absolutely genius how Chieftain Sutherland was written into this story. With Chieftain Sutherland comes another story line that I can’t wait to read and I’m sure will be in the third installment.

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My Highland Lover ~ Maeve Grayson

Current Read

What would you do if you could go back in time? What if you went back to solve a murder and met the love of your life in the process? Would you stay and watch everything play out?

That’s what Trulie has to decide. Granny wants to go for her last time jump… but is it really just about Granny’s last jump… or… is Granny up to something? Well naturally she’s up to something. It wouldn’t be nearly as fun if it was just her last jump!

Trulie jumps back in time with Granny with the understanding that she was helping Chieftain Gray McKenna solve the murder of his parents. Trulie and Gray join forces to solve the case and realizes there are more sinister plans at play. Can they prevent the terrible plot from happening and keep their hearts?

The writing is impeccable and the chemistry between Trulie and Gray is very sweet and lovely. They banter back and forth and it’s hot! It has the feel of a historical romance, but it’s not. It’s a great story melding two different time periods together perfectly.

Excuse me, I have to read the next one!

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Being Cosmopolitan Demands a Sacrifice ~ Jamie Brindle


I received a copy from NetGalley for an honest review. This one will be short and sweet… kinda like the book!

This story will take about 25 minutes to read… and you’ll spend about half of that time alternating between the thoughts of “This is cute..” and “What the hell am I reading?” First Alex is a human sacrifice, then you find out she’s not really human.. she has a talking cat and toss in a love sick sea monster and things will get more weird… I would give it a 2.5.. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either…it was interesting…  just can’t say whether that’s good or bad… 

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The Field of Mars: Episode I ~ David Rollins

The Field of Mars

Follow Appius, the historian, as he travels with Marcus Licinius Crassus to conquer a neighboring city and put his name in the history books. See what happens when proconsul Crassus tries to follow in the footsteps of Julius Caesar. Marcus Licinius Crassus is a wealthy tyrant without a war to his name… and he isn’t getting any younger. And as every great conqueror had someone tell the tale, proconsul has Appius, who had previously given a lecture on Syria and from the lecture, proconsul has deemed Appius an expert on the area. As Appius agrees to travel with the legion and keep record, you will meet other characters that will play a critical role in this battle and this series. Will Marcus Licinius Crassus be successful or will he suffer the worst defeat known to man?

What I found interesting in this story was reading the mindset and the theories behind their strategies. As per usual, there is a traitor in their midst and while it’s not hard to figure out who the traitor is… it’s extremely interesting to watch it play out. I thought the writing was spectacular and there were a few (very few) comedic moments that it didn’t feel completely serious, but by no means was it a comedy. I would recommend this to history lovers… if you are a fan of Roman history (while this is fiction) I think you would enjoy it!

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Notch In Your Belt ~ Kayla Bain-Vrba


Country music star, Wyatt, is trying to create his highly anticipated follow up album… but he’s having a severe case of writer’s block. To help with that, Wyatt’s manager sends in Bryce, a musician that was on tour with Wyatt. They became great friends while on tour… each secretly hoping for more, but neither one saying a word to each other. That lack of communication almost does them in.

The interaction between the two is playful and fun. The writing is pretty good and a quick read. I would give this a 3.5 star rating, but most rating systems don’t do that… so I’ll give it a four.

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Bloodguilty ~ K.M. Penemue

Current Read

Casismir enters a nice, quiet town and all hell breaks lose… and he’s only been in town for approximately 5 minutes. He’s attacked by a flesh eating monster (which the town is swarming with monsters) and it’s Mikki to the rescue. Throughout the story, attacks happen and it brings Mikki and Casimir together… just to get to know each other. There’s a mutual respect and admiration between the two and it feels realistic that the two of them can be friends. Granted, the mutual respect and admiration wasn’t there in the beginning, but like life… it was earned.  It was a short story, but you didn’t feel like anything was missing. The writing was clear and concise. There was drama and turmoil with a satisfying battle and conclusion.