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A Highlander’s Obsession ~ Vonnie Davis

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When you think of the title, you think of the historical romance novels where an English maiden visits a friend/relative… meets the Laird of the local clan… they start off hating each other. He thinks she’s weak, but attractive, she’ll never fit in. She thinks he’s overbearing, insufferable, egotistical, and handsome. Blah, blah, blah… they straighten out their issues and realize they can’t take them being with other people and they get married. (sigh)… That’s so not this book!

For starters… not a historical romance. Is there romance? Like you wouldn’t believe! Is there history? Absolutely, but this story happens in modern day. Instead of an English maiden, she’s American. Meet Paisley. She’s traveling with her grandmother, Effie to Scotland for a relative’s funeral. Paisley is a bit reserved and quite the bookworm (glasses and everything… a girl after my own heart)! Paisley is a very special young woman. She can communicate with animals (telepathically of course.)

Her grandmother, Effie, I don’t know where to start! When I was told there was a grandmother with pink hair, I knew I would love this book. She is the spit fire I knew she would be and more! She has pink hair and wears slippers everywhere, when possible. She quick witted and quite magical. (She also has a great eye for attractive males… My kinda lady!)

Creighton… quite the handsome devil and laird of the Matheson clan. He’s fierce, protective, and very smitten with Paisley. He and his brothers (along with his mum) run the family lodge where Paisley and Effie are staying. Though a series of events, Creighton and Paisley are brought together… broken apart and brought back together. One courageous act threatens to break them apart… this time forever.

I have had many (MANY) fictional boyfriends… but good Lord, Creighton… whew! There’s just something about him! He’s intelligent, funny, and knows how to love and treat a woman. He’s the kind of guy that has you wondering “Could I do better than him? Probably. But I KNOW I can do a lot worse!” (Why are all the great men fictional?!) I’m off to find the next chapter in this awesome series called “A Highlander’s Passion”!


6 thoughts on “A Highlander’s Obsession ~ Vonnie Davis

  1. Thank you for a marvelous review. I love it when a reader “gets” my characters and loves them the way I do. Effie was meant to be a minor character, but she sashayed onto my computer and nearly took over. We had great fun laughing at each other. So this pink-haired Woodstock survivor appears in all 3 books of the series. Again, thank you!


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