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To Win Her Trust ~ Mackenzie Crowne

To Win Her Trust

Let me re-introduce you to Mackenzie Crowne! She is the author of To Win Her Love (Click here for the review!) This time around, we get Tuck! (Yes, God!) It was made very clear from Gracie’s and Jake’s story, Tuck is a playboy. However, that’s not his entire story. It starts with meeting CC Calhoun at a coffee house and Tuck is in the dog house with the barista. He forgot her name and the dog ate her number… snickers As CC is leaving she has a panic attack and Tuck is there to save the day. Who knew a kiss could end a panic attack?! (Deep breaths… sigh)

This prompts CC to conduct an experiment… can a kiss from any guy stop a panic attack? Or just a kiss from Tuck? He agrees to the experiment and boy to sparks fly! The chemistry between Tuck and CC is electrifying and the banter was witty. You get to catch up with Gracie and Jake… plus a little peek at the next series! It was truly amazing to watch CC come out of her shell (especially after the terrifying events of her childhood) and Tuck show his sensitive and vulnerable side.

This could have been a very cheesy story, instead it was heart felt as you watched CC’s past and present collide with her future and Tuck shows you that his public persona isn’t necessarily who he is… or all that he is and can be. I look forward to the next story!

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The Miyran Heir: The Journey of the Marked ~ Rebecca P. McCray

The Journey of the Marked

I received a copy for an honest review

This book was pretty freaking coolawesome… it was an awesomely, epic read. This author is new to me and I’m excited about the journey I am about to embark on!

On your sixteenth birth, there’s a chance you will be marked. (whether that is good or bad… well, that depends on how you look at it). Those who are marked are the chosen ones to join the Miyran army to help protect the planet. However, there’s one species, the Tyrnotts, that’s trying to take over and they’re not having it! The book focuses on Eros and his journey as one of the marked destined to be a Miyran soldier. On his first night, he runs into a bit of trouble with the Graeliths. They are trackers sent to destroy the marked and stop them from fulfilling their destiny. Along the way, you meet four more other teens who are very different from each other… but have qualities that makes this group not only special, but strong. Together, the five must make it the Miyran training camp alive to find out who the Miyran heir is!

This book was awesome and frustrating at the same time. (I LOVED EVERY MOMENT OF IT!) The world building was amazing. You read about what seemed like hundreds of species trying to coexist on this one planet and reading about the beauty of the planet and all it has to offer. The plot moved at a steady pace and it kept you engaged. Sometimes the transitions between the chapters didn’t flow so smoothly (for me) but it didn’t stop me from enjoying this book and wondering what happens next! The one thing I wish I knew before starting the book, if you go to the author’s website, you can read all about the different types of species. It’s an easier way to keep them straight. I can’t wait to read more from (PLUS, find out who the Miyran heir is!)

Click here to go to the author’s website!

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Visions ~ Kimberly Readnour


I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This isn’t the type of book I would usually read, but I really enjoyed this.

Heather is a clairvoyant and it’s not a gift that everyone is in love with. In her hometown, a fellow student, April, goes missing. After coming in contact with one of April’s belongings, Heather has a vision. Ever since, students treated Heather as though she was a freak. Trying to help, Heather’s mom moved them to a town where no one knew Heather or her talents. Once there, she comes in contact with a toy phone that was still in the house when she and her mom moved in. She has a vision! A little boy, Johnny, is missing. While trying to unravel what happened to Johnny, Heather meets Barry… the hot guy next door. Together, they unravel what was behind the disappearance of Johnny AND try to prevent another child from being kidnapped.

This really was a good story. There were a couple (not many) downsides for me. The first downside was that I figured out what happened to Johnny rather quickly and who did it. (In the author’s defense, while I thought this was pretty obvious… I’m rather good at predicting these kinds of things…) The other downside for me was Barry. He was really only described as hot. He has a bit of a mysterious side to him that could have been played up more instead of towards the end of the book that ends with a pretty interesting cliff hanger. Barry was quite the gentleman; he opened doors for Heather, protected her when it looked as though there was danger… I just think he could have been described better than just “hot”… but I digress. Overall, I really enjoyed the story.


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The Wish Thief ~C.D. Verhoff

The Wish Thief

I received this book in exchange for an honest opinion… so….. here we go!

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It did start off a bit slow in the beginning, but when it picked up… boy did it!

Meet Glory Alley. She has all the bad luck. Her mother is deceased, her dad is an abusive drunk, and her siblings treat her like crap. Her only release… exploring the caves of Queen Mesa with her best friend, Clash. On the day of their excursion, Glory did the one thing you should never do… explore a dark cave alone. Once inside, she found the most beautiful rock you’ll ever see. But this isn’t your typical rock. This rock, along with a few qualifications, can make wishes come true. And boy does she need all the help she can get! The problem… that rock is the life and foundation of a planet that is slowly dying… because the rock is missing. Wybbils are sent to retrieve it and they come back with Glory. Through this journey, Glory learns so much about herself. In the beginning her wishes were selfish, but what she really wanted was to be happy. BUT… she learned a very important lesson… sometimes, you have to be careful what you wish for.

While this story is intended for a younger audience, I had no trouble following along and enjoying myself. It was well written and the world building was great. It did have me reflect on some of things I wished for in life. While that may not have been the purpose of the book, sometimes it’s the little things that call for self-reflection.