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Kiss Me Hello ~ Grace Burrowes

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Single (foster) parent, Sidonie, moves down south for a fresh start with her son, Luis. They are having a bit of financial trouble and adjust to the country life, coming from Baltimore. Their neighbor, MacKenzie Knightley, is kind, pragmatic, and extremely helpful. He’s also a severely attractive lawyer during business hours and cowboy on his spare time. Together, they navigate the negligence and injustice of the foster care system while learning to deal with the grief of lost loved ones. This is a heartwarming, touching story that will make you laugh and cry.

So, you take a single mother with a highly intelligent, moody teenage son and drop them in Damson County where they know absolutely no one… add to that the eldest brother of the Knightley crew (who is known amongst his younger two brothers as “the family spinster”) and you have yourself quite a love story. While some men would have ran fast, Mac and Luis took to each other and became fast friends. Mac even became Luis’s confidante. Each of the three are fighting their own demons, must now find a way to stay together in the wake of the negligence of the Department of Social Services.

I fell so in love with this story. Everything about MacKenzie just made you want to hold him and assure him everything will be alright. He is the epitome of accepting your circumstances. Sidonie is one tough, smart cookie. As you read their story, you see how (in little ways) they would make the perfect, unconventional family. Another thing I loved about this book (while I know this wasn’t the focus of the story), you kinda see what it means to be apart of the foster care system. I know being a social worker is far from easy, you see what happens when things (even the little things) fall by the wayside.

This is actually the third story of the series, but I had no trouble following along. (It was interesting though… when I downloaded the story to my kindle, it didn’t download as “Kiss Me Hello”… it downloaded as “A Single Dream”… but I promise you… I did read the proper story!) Overall, this story was touching, at times (when it needed to be) funny, and informative (maybe just for me).


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