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Eternal Hunger ~ Ainsley Evans

Eternal Hunger

Scotland, 1800’s: Malcolm MacRoyce takes a bride, who was the enemy and one he didn’t want. He goes off to war and he’s stranded in the desert. He and his fellow soldiers see a well and decide to drink from it. His life was never the same.

Emily Adams is from one of the most scandalized families London has to offer. She has one goal before she dies. But with her family scandal, no man wants anything to do with her. She has bewitching eyes that are rare, but Malcolm would recognize them anywhere.

A chance meeting at a Masquerade Ball gives Emily the chance to fulfill her goal and Malcolm a chance to meet his past love. All the while, someone or something is terrorizing the city of London and Malcolm must stop the killings before it’s too late!

Can Malcolm save the city of London from terror and Emily achieve her goal before it’s too late? While it was an intriguing story and extremely well written, I hoped for a different ending. Not a BETTER ending, but different. The book is close to 300 pages long, but it flows so well that it can easily be read in one sitting! The wisdom of Malcolm and the naivete of Emily was a perfect combination. I look forward to reading more from Ainsley Evans! Click the cover to purchase!

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Ghosts of Witch’s Past ~ Corinne O’Flynn


Title: Ghosts of Witches Past (Witches of Tower Hill, Book 1)
Author: Corinne O’Flynn
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: YA, Mystery, Paranormal
Publisher: Big Ink Books
Date of Release: February 20, 2017
Pages: 248
Format: Kindle (Author)

How far would you go to help save the child of an outcast family? What if that child was with your mother when she died? And the only way to solve her murder would be to unravel secrets of the past that tie the two families together. Would you still help? That is the problem presented to 17-year-old Waveria, affectionately known as Wavy to her family. Wavy can see ghosts and that starts her journey into the outside world, where she meets Niall, 17-years- old and child of the outcast family, The Tobins. Niall escapes a deadly plot to clear his family’s name at his expense. Together, Niall and Wavy must defy the odds (and their families) to solve the old murder mystery and save Niall’s life. It’s a race against the clock… can they crack the case and save Niall? If so, at what expense?

This was quite the enchanting story! As the story unfolds, you feel the magic flow throw your veins as you are transported with Niall and Wavy across the ocean and back in a race against the clock. This was great storytelling. Each character was interesting and kept you guessing… Friend or Foe? Ms. O’Flynn grabbed me from the first page and refused to let go and I’m so glad she didn’t! I can’t wait to read more!  (Psst… click the cover to purchase the book!)


I was voluntarily provided this ARC by the author for an honest opinion.

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Getting To Know Diana Rodriguez Wallach

I would like to thank Diana for taking the time out to let me pick her brain! It is much appreciated!
1. What influenced you to first become a Writer?
I’ll warn you, this story is kind of strange. I started writing my first novel because I had a dream one night that I was a young adult author, and I dreamt the concept for an entire series of books. Seriously. When I woke up and told my husband, he reminded me of a vacation we took five years earlier through New England.
We had stopped in Salem, MA to see the witches’ houses. While there, I decided to visit a psychic (when in Rome, right?). So I sat down and the psychic immediately said, “You’re a writer.” And I was; at the time, I was a reporter. I told her this, and she asked what I wrote about. Intentionally trying to be cryptic (I mean, she is a psychic, shouldn’t she already know?), I told her that I wrote about “business.” She swiftly said, “No. I see you writing books, little books, like children’s books.”
I had never considered writing a book before. But after the dream, and my recollection of that encounter, I figured it was “a sign.” So I sat down and started writing my first novel.
2. What advice as a writer, would you give to your younger self?
The road to publication is a long one. When I started out, things happened very quickly. I got my first agent after querying for only two weeks. But things didn’t go smoothly after that. It took me years to sell my first novel to a publisher. So if you want to be an author—I mean, really want it—then you need to be prepared to settle in for the long haul. Everyone gets rejected—some spend years trying to find an agent, others years trying to find an editor, other years trying to create a fan base. Love the acting of writing so much that it makes everything else worth it.
3. What’s your favorite under appreciated book?
I read a lot of young adult novels (occupational hazard), and I feel some of the mega success that’s been achieved in this genre (like Suzanne Collins, Stephenie Meyer, and J.K. Rowling) has skewed the perception of what qualifies as success. So I’m not sure exactly which novels I’ve read that would be considered “under appreciated.” So instead of naming a specific title here, I’ll give a shout out to indie publishers, because they are putting out some great reads. My novel, PROOF OF LIES, is pubbed by Entangled Teen, which has tons of other fabulous YA books. I blog for Quirk Books, which has been killing it lately with hits like Miss Peregrine’s and Pride & Prejudice and Zombies. There are so many more. So seek out a great book by an indie publisher and leave a review!
4. What kind of research did you do, and how long did you spend researching before starting your book?
Short answer–tons. Long answer–PROOF OF LIES is the first book in the Anastasia Phoenix series, which I describe as being a bit like Jason Bourne meets The Da Vinci Code. The espionage elements in my novel center around the practice of “disinformation,” which is when a government uses black propaganda to mislead the press and the public. When I started writing this novel, the concept of “disinformation” was rarely mentioned in the news. Now given current events, and the rise of “alternative facts,” it feels like I might have picked a very timely subject. But my novel deals more with the twisting of historical events, not current politics, and this required a lot of research. Half of this book takes place in Italy, thus I wanted to feature an Italian conspiracy theory that I could manipulate so my characters were suddenly inserted into the events. This required lots of research, to pick just the right historical event and figure out how to contort it. Additionally, I met with a former communist spy as research, Lawrence Martin Bittman. He was the Deputy Director of Disinformation for the Czech Republic during the Cold War, and his backstory helped shape many of the espionage elements I created. Also, since all three of the novels in this series are set abroad, I did a lot of research on the settings, and this of course, included travel! So I will claim my trip to Rome, Tuscany and Venice as book research; not a bad work trip, huh?
5. What did you edit out of this book?

Honestly, I edited out enough to fill another entire book. I’ve been working on PROOF OF LIES for seven years and during that time, the novel changed dramatically. Characters that I once killed off, now live. Characters that once had ulterior motives are now purely good. Fight scenes were cut, a love triangle was snipped, and lot of espionage clues and elements were deleted–all to streamline the plot and make my characters’ motivations clearer. Overall, the story I wanted to tell has remained the same, it just took me a long time and a lot of editing to get the book to where it is today.

I have never been so caught up in mysteries and conspiracy theories as I have been with PROOF OF LIES. This is such an interesting tale and I look forward to reading more from Diana Rodriguez Wallach. 

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Proof of Lies ~ Diana Rodriguez Wallach


Title: proof of Lies (Anastasia Phoenix, Book 1)
Author: Diana Rodriguez Wallach
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: YA, Mystery, Suspense
Publisher: Entangled: Teen
Date of Release: March 7, 2017
Pages: 400
Format: Kindle (Author)


Holy crap! I don’t know where to begin! There’s espionage, conspiracy theories, lies, humor, a little bit of romance, and much more! Anastasia’s life changed in a blink of an eye, the night her parents died. With her sister, Kiera left to raise her, Anastasia is just trying to make it to the age of 18. Kiera throws a party to defuse some stress, and Anastacia’s life changes again. The next morning, Kiera is missing and presumed dead, with only Anastacia believing she’s alive. Time to travel and follow the clues with the help of some friends!

This book takes you all over Italy and the imagery the author paints is so vivid! I truly felt like I was with Anastasia and Marcus trying to figure out the clues to find out where to next! With some unexpected friends along the way, Anastasia has to decide, who exactly can you trust? This story gripped me and did not let go! One aspect of the book I really enjoyed was the last few pages that including the backstory of real life people and events. I would like to get more of Marcus’s story. I guess I’ll have to stay tuned!

It was amazing and I can’t wait to read the next one. Let the journey continue!

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Starfall ~ Melissa Landers


Title: Starfall (A Starlight Novel, Book 2)
Author: Melissa Landers
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Date of Release: February 7, 2017
Pages: 368
Format: Hardcover (YAInsider)

Starfall has everything you can imagine and it’s absolutely thrilling! You have space pirates, the mafia, hundreds of planets… It’s like Doctor Who meets Firefly!

Kane and Cassia are great friends who, at one point, had romantic feelings for each other. They still do, but Cassia refuses to act on them. Who could blame her? There’s a political power struggle going on, with a war on the rise!

While you rooted for Cassia and Kane to come to their senses, romance wasn’t the main story and I loved that. Starfall will take you for a ride that you will never want to get off! It is the second book of the series, however I had no trouble keeping up! It was such a thrill and I’m so glad I got a chance to read this book!


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Getting to Know Melissa Crispin


Today, we’ll be getting to know Melissa J. Crispin just a little bit better! Hi Melissa, and thanks for joining me today!

Hi, Thank you so much for having me on morebookspleaseblog today!

What was an early experience where you learned that language had power?

When I was a senior in high school, I applied for a scholarship the local runners club was awarding to one individual. One of the requirements involved writing an essay related to running. I ran cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track back then, and I wanted my personal experiences to shine through. My essay was about what distance running had taught me about myself. I described a major injury I sustained sophomore year and what a challenge it was to get back into shape. By senior year, I had managed to run faster than both my coach and I had expected for the two biggest races of the year—the County and State Championships. I achieved all-county status and an honorable mention at the state level, which I never imagined would happen. I closed out the essay with an explanation about how it taught me to never quit, not just when it came to running, but for anything else life threw at you. I also mentioned how those two races in the fall became even more special because I couldn’t fully participate late in the year. My father had fallen ill and I skipped many practices and races in the spring to be with him. He passed away before I graduated, so I knew my decision was the right one.

I was lucky enough to have been chosen for the scholarship. When I met the club to receive it, they talked about how my essay left an impression on them and they wished me well. I knew then that language had power. I could see it in their expressions and hear it in their words.

What’s your favorite under-appreciated novel?

Is it okay if I do a series instead? The Tairen Soul series by C.L. Wilson has excellent worldbuilding and a beautiful romance between a king and a woman who grew up thinking she was plain. As the story unfolds, she discovers she is a far cry from plain. I loved the world, and even more so, loved the relationships between many of the characters within it. The magic and shapeshifting in the story just added to the appeal for me. I think this would make for an awesome TV series.

What’s the most difficult thing about writing characters from the opposite sex?

I’m not sure I should admit this in print, but I’m going to go for it, anyway. The masculine voice for my male MC’s occasionally drops off or disappears. I accidentally slip back into a female POV sometimes without realizing it. One time, my critique partner called me out on a scene where a motorcycle riding badass was admiring a pink sunset. Not to say a guy can’t appreciate a sunset, but the way I had written it had a very feminine feel to it. I read her note and cringed at how right she was, and that’s one of the reasons why I value her feedback so much.

What did you edit out of this book?

There is a scene where Bastian is physically hurt and someone needs to tend to the injury. One by one, almost everyone in the room needs to leave for various reasons, leaving Calliope no choice but to do it herself. Originally, Bastian’s daughter and his pet wolf are off in the opposite corner of the room warming themselves by a crackling fire. But, having the two of them present, even if they weren’t watching, made it harder to for me to create a romantic spark between Bastian and Calliope. When I went back to edit, I booted the child and pet out of the room to make way for a budding relationship between the two main characters.

Have you read anything that made you think differently about fiction?

It’s been years since I’ve read Dreams of Gods & Monsters by Laini Taylor, but it definitely left an impression on me. It was a satisfying conclusion to a really good trilogy, but the complexity of the entire world is what made me think about fiction in a different way. There was a good vs. evil theme, but it was evident on more than one level. The angels wanted to eradicate or enslave the chimera because they felt they were superior to them, but even within each of the two camps, there were good guys and bad guys too. The lines between good and evil were blurred in many places, and the way it was executed intrigued me.


Thank you Melissa for taking the time out to let me peek inside you mind and I have to say, it was quite fascinating. I will be picking up The Crimson Curse and I encourage others to do the same!

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The Crimson Curse ~ Melissa J. Crispin




This week’s new Novella Niblets release…


The Crimson Curse

Romance / Fantasy

By Melissa J. Crispin

Release Date: Feb 7, 2017

Keywords: Romance, Fantasy, Sweet, Novella, Beauty and the Beast, Fairy Tale


Cursed and disfigured, Calliope must find true love before the final leaf falls from the Enchanted Tree. Being bound to her mansion on the outskirts of town leaves her with little hope.

Abandoned by his wife for a wealthy man, Bastian only needs one female in his life, his five-year-old daughter, Yareena. When she goes missing during a raging fire, fate brings him to a strange place where he encounters a woman wearing a golden mask.

An attack by rogues puts Bastian in Calliope’s care. As he struggles against pride and prejudice, Bastian can’t ignore his growing attraction to the kind soul behind the mask.

Yareena and the mansion staff do their best at matchmaking, but Calliope can’t reveal her darkest secret. Will Bastian discover her true beauty before it’s too late?


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About Melissa J. Crispin

Melissa J. Crispin lives in Connecticut with her husband, two kids, and an adorable Siberian Husky. She spends her days in the corporate world, and pursues her passion for writing in the late nights and early mornings.

From micro-fiction to novels, Melissa loves to write stories in varying lengths. But, no matter the story, it’s almost always about the romance.






Calliope returned her attention to Bastian, grasping his shoulder with a gentle hand and giving him a small shake. When he didn’t stir, she considered how she could clean the wound without undressing him as he slept. She had never taken off a man’s clothing before, and she hardly wanted her first time to be when he wasn’t even aware of her actions. But, no other options seemed available. She started at the bottom button of his shirt, working her way up with trembling fingers, and spreading the fabric apart when the last of the buttons slipped free.

Her eyes roamed his upper body. While she was supposed to be assessing the extent of his injuries, she couldn’t deny the flash of heat that blasted through her at the sight of his bare skin.

She dipped a washcloth in the basin that Mrs. Widdleworth left on the night table, wringing out the excess water. As she dabbed at the gash near his naval, his vulnerability in that moment struck her in a way she had not expected. After their first encounter, she would have predicted his ego to get in the way, choosing to bleed to death in the cold rather than accept anything from her.

Although he suffered a serious injury, his daughter seemed to remain his utmost concern. Could his earlier ill-temper have been an unusual display? A behavior born out of fear for his daughter’s safety?

Maybe she had been wrong about him.

She pressed her lips together, allowing the notion to sink in as she dropped the bloody fabric off to the side, and proceeded to stitch the wound with shaky fingers. When the task was complete, she picked up a fresh cloth to use as a dressing. Relief washed over her as she inspected the area before covering it up. The slice in his flesh went deep, but not nearly as deep as she initially feared. She positioned the bandage and fixed it in place, her gaze catching a thin trail of hair that started under the center of his chest, following the way it continued lower down his body, and even further yet where it dipped beneath his trousers.

“It’s been a long time since a woman has laid her hands on me,” Bastian said, his voice rough.

Calliope jumped, heat infusing her cheeks. “My apologies if this offends. Marcus doesn’t fare well with blood. I had to care for your injury myself.” Her eyes met his, and to her surprise, no anger seemed to stir there.

“I was only teasing.” He swallowed hard, appearing to bite back the immense discomfort he had to be feeling. “Thank you.”

She inclined her head. “You’re welcome.”

“I shouldn’t have been so terse with you earlier. Yareena is my life, and when I couldn’t find her, well…” He reached for his face, pressing the heel of his hand against his jaw. “I lost my sense for a short while. I apologize.”