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Wrecked ~ Sarah Grimm


If you ever want to be completely wrecked and love it, READ. THIS. BOOK! This book will absolutely ruin you and you will love it! This book … sigh… I don’t know how I survived. I’ve cried myself to sleep, I’ve sat in my office crying and couldn’t verbalize why!

I have to admit (and I’m almost embarrassed to do so…) this story completely broke me. I try not to cry, but I just couldn’t help it. While this is a beautiful, heart-felt love story, it’s also tragic. Emma Travers, so full of life but dealt a bad hand in life. Joe Campbell, quite possibly the hottest man (EVER!) and lead vocalist of rock band, Blind Man’s Alibi… has everything, but is fighting some demons. Emma is the “Sunshine” to his darkness. She is living in the moment and while it’s heartbreaking, it’s also breathtaking! She says the first thing that comes to mind and has a beautiful soul. She is truly what Joe needs.

I hate that I cried, but I. LOVED. THAT. I. CRIED! Emma is the epitome of the quote from Braveheart “Every man dies, but not every man really lives.” I’ve learn that I need to try to live in the moment and be myself. I have to say if I ever met Ms. Grimm I would have to tell her that I hate what she has done to me! I just finish reading the book and I feel like I need to re-read it. If Sarah Grimm decided to rewrite the dictionary, I’d read it! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!

(I know there’s a “wrecking ball” joke here somewhere… fighting the urge!)


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Kingdom From Ashes ~ Megan Linski

Kingdom From Ashes

I just want to start off by saying I received a free copy for an honest review. I almost turned this down and I’m so glad that I didn’t!

Princess Bennua is the youngest and kindest princess in her country… and the last one to be married off. As her father is terrible at creating marriages and alliances, marrying Princess Bennua off the powerful Quasim should have been a no-brainer. Except, Quasim isn’t anything like how he’s described to Princess Bennua. While he is handsome and powerful, he is also cruel and vile… deceitful… just plain evil! Quasim experiences a bit of a “dust up” in his country and must put the wedding on hold. In his absence, the king is visited by three “commoners” from Ashana, city of thieves… one of them being Zahid, the prince of thieves. They come with a proposition. Give us a princess so she can see we aren’t as bad as the world make us out to be… or we’ll overtake your city. (Hell of a proposition, right?!) Naturally, Princess Bennua did exactly as expected. She volunteered. She learns what it means to be her own person and to make up her own mind, in a culture where women are meant to be seen… not heard. But now she has a decision… now that she has had a taste of freedom, do you keep your freedom… or do what you think is right and find your way back to your family?

What is so awesome about this story is that while it takes place a fantasy land, it follows some Islamic cultural norms, such as some women wearing full hijab, women not being able to read or write as it was punishable by law. For me, that made the book that much better! The world building along with some Islamic culture was wonderful to read and definitely a breath of fresh air! Ms. Linski is a new author to me and I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I look forward to seeing where it goes from here.




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Irresistible Deceptions ~ Mackenzie Crowne

Irrestistible Deceptions


For five years, Nicky and her son, Alex, have been on the run… from her abusive and criminal husband, Jonathan.  Being sighted at her father’s funeral has forced her out of hiding. Now she’s on the run again, but this time she’s not alone. She has Rhy, an expert at tracking… and a man with a huge secret. What will happen when she finds out his secret? Will she run or will they work through it?

As the reader, you find out the secret early on. It kinda makes you feel like you know how this will play out. Well… not really. Is it a HEA, yeah… but it definitely takes some work for Nicky and Rhy to get there. She’s stubborn and he’s arrogant. So it’s the perfect match for drama and steamy romance. They spend most of their time trying to trust each other and their instincts, which didn’t always coincide.

It was a well crafted story that led you on a journey right along with Nicky and Rhy to find their own truth and salvation. I enjoyed the story and I felt like I needed to give both characters a stern talking to when needed. I would give it 4.5!

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Midsummer Dreams ~ Alison May

Midsummer Dreams

I went into this thinking this is going to be awesome. Midsummer’s Night Dream is such an amazing play and this based off of the play so it can’t go wrong! sigh I was wrong. The four main characters lead pretty unhappy lives… Emily’s father is engaged and that doesn’t sit well with Emily. She’s out to break up the relationship. Dominic, Emily’s boyfriend, is living the life his parents wanted for him… not the life he envisioned for himself. While Emily is trying to destroy her dad’s happiness, she doesn’t notice her relationship slowly going nowhere. Helen, Emily’s best friend, is in love with Dominic and has been for 10 years. Unfortunately for Helen, the feelings aren’t mutual. And then there is Alex. He doesn’t believe in settling down… until he meets Emily, who is in a relationship. So here we have 4 lives of hot mess!

I found myself wanting (and actually doing) skipping Emily’s chapters. She whines more than a child. I found her to be annoying and her chapters to flow pretty slowly. Helen is the character that seems to be the one everyone could relate to. We’ve all had that one big crush that wasn’t returned… mostly because we didn’t tell them.

I’m not one to leave bad reviews… and I hate to start my year off with this, but I’ve tried multiple times to finish this book… I just couldn’t. The flow of the book was too slow for me. While it wasn’t an awful book by any means, it flowed too slowly for it to be a great book that it had the potential to be. I would give it a 2.5, but Amazon and Goodreads doesn’t do half star ratings so I’d give it a 3.


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