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When Joss Met Matt ~ Ellie Cahill


I have to admit, when I read the description… I was totally captivated! I thought this was a great idea… After a break up, you have that one friend you can go to so you can “cleanse your palate”. Most of us call it “Friends With Benefits”, Ms. Ellie Cahill calls it “Sorbet Sex”. Unfortunately, the execution of this was… okay.

This all starts with Joss getting a text from Matt (in present day) saying he “needed” her. From there, we go back seven years ago when they met as freshmans in college. There’s a party in Matt’s room and he and Joss got to know each other and become friends. One weekend, Joss’s high school boyfriend comes to visit. Turns out he met a girl while he was away at school, but that didn’t stop him from sleeping with Joss. So Matt recommended she needed to cleanse her palate and they have sex. They agree to be each others “sorbet”.

The story alternates between present day and some time ago in the past, whether it be seven, five or three years ago. They both enter and exit relationships that they shouldn’t have been in and they always have each other to fall back on. In present day, Matt realizes that at some point he wouldn’t mind ending relationships because he had Joss. The problem… they weren’t supposed to fall in love with each other. So what do you do when you fall for your sorbet?

The book started off great… getting to know each character was interesting, but after a while… it really started to drag. There were some relationships the story could have done without and the essence of the story would have still been there. The story was about 5-6 chapters too long. I’d give it 3 out of 5 stars…

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City In Embers ~ Stacey Marie Brown

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This is a story of a 22 year old woman named Zoey who works for a government funded organization, DMG. They capture and test the blood of creatures from the Fae world. On the outside, the official story is that they capture these creatures’ blood so that a cure can be created against most human diseases like cancer. Really though, they are trying to create a human that is superior to the Fae creatures in case the Otherworld (Faes) decide to go for world domination. (In this book, Fae is very general. That title includes sprites, fairies, shape shifters, etc.)

This story takes place in Seattle, WA… so some places triggered visuals for me to follow along. It was a slow start. It felt like every other line was Zoey overly explaining her past or feeling “woe is me”… after a while it gets a little tiring. However, if you power through that… sh!t gets real when you meet Ryker and Sprig… the two best characters of the book. There was a storm created by someone in the Fae world. The storm was so powerful that when the lightning struck Ryker, it stripped him of his powers and transferred them to Zoey. They have to figure out a way to transfer them back all the while being chased by DMG and creatures of the Fae world.

Ryker is tall, handsome, and brooding. He’s lived a long time to know how humans treat each other yet alone the Fae world. So naturally, he despises humans. On the flip side, Zoey grew up believing all Fae were bad and highly dangerous, out to destroy all humans. Sprig is a hyper active, ADD sprite that looks like a monkey and it highly addictive to honey. He’s also a narcoleptic. Did I mention he also talks?! He truly provides comic relief. The three of them are a team and I love watching them grow together. Overall, I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars. There’s definitely room to grow.

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The Sacrifice ~ AJ Nuest

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AJ Nuest is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. To pick up where we left off… Rhys’s dad, Leo, has a dangerous hold over Faedrah and her dreams. Leo has got to be the creepiest bastard ever created. How has he made through Faedrah’s time to present day? That is the question! And a damn good one… with an even better answer! Took my breath away… (Rhys’s too for that matter!) Rhys will do whatever it takes to protect Faedrah, but this time around… it may be Faedrah that needs to protect Rhys.

This was a quick paced story that had me glued to my kindle. It had humor, nervousness, anxiety, dread, love… you name it, this book had it! Can’t wait to see what AJ comes up with next!

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A Furious Muse ~ AJ Nuest

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So in typical “Shakera” fashion… I am ass backwards. This is the start to a 4-book series in which I read the 3rd installment (the last installment is yet to come) first. (To read that review click here)…

Ms. Nuest does not disappoint. It was funnier than I imagined it would be. Faedrah is the firecracker I thought she was. Rhys made me fall in love with him all over again… so it turns out Rhys has been drawing/painting pictures of Faedrah for years and he has never met her. She transports herself to his day and time to meet the guy who has a dangerous hold on her only to find out it’s not Rhys… oh dear!

It’s hilariously witty with great writing! I can’t wait to read the rest of the series… This time in order!

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The Errant Prince ~ Sasha L. Miller

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After reading this, I feel like this is the year of amazing books to be released. I will add this to the list. Thank you NetGalley and Less Than Three Press publishing company. This book was endearing and nothing short of amazing.

While Myron was sent to find Prince Tamsen and bring him home, both men are constant reminders that everyone has a story. All you need to do is take the time to listen and get to know them. Both Myron and Tamsen are their own men and they are a bit rough around the edges, but as you continue reading and getting to know each of them… you begin to understand why.

It’s a quick read and quite engaging. Each character is engaging and endearing… even the guy who is supposed to be the villain. No worries… there’s no cliffhangers here!

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Only for Him ~ Cristin Harber

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Please forgive me… I need a few seconds to pull myself back together! Wow!!!! This was my introduction to Ms. Harber and I am floored! Thank you NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to review this book. So, this is a story of love and heartbreak. Grayson and Emma have been best friends since they were six. They have been in love with each other and didn’t know how they other felt.

He’s Mr. Popularity… every girl wants him. She’s artsy and shy. He lives with his abusive dad and her life is perfect. They finally discuss how they feel about each other … his dad finds a way to ruin the moment. Just when you think all hope is lost, they find themselves again.

It was a quick read (read it in one day!) Emma and Gray had me emotionally attached to them. I’m not a crier, something my friends can attest to… but there were moments that I couldn’t help but at least tear up (at the very least). ¬†The ending isn’t exactly what I saw coming and I love it. I know people aren’t crazy about cliffhangers, but I’m learning to be okay with them. This cliffhanger, I didn’t mind. It has me eagerly awaiting the next chapter of this story!

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The Harem Club ~ Jane Nin

Current ReadQuite possibly the quickest read… ever! The concept of this book was awesome. (I don’t know if it is original, but I haven’t read a book like it.) The story is about a woman divorced her college sweetheart a year ago and her friends are trying to get to put herself out to get back in the game. She gets invited to join the¬†exclusive club (the club is by invite only). This is where you start to dictate how the story goes. Do you participate or do you watch?

It’s an interactive story. You are the woman who divorced her college sweetheart a year ago. You dictate where the story goes. Now given the title, I’m sure you can figure out what kind of story this is! It was quite fun to see how each scenario plays out. Depending on how you choose, you could have easily have 3 or 4 short stories.