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The Dragon’s Curse ~ Victoria Zagar

current readSometimes war is inevitable. While we feel like it can be avoided, a power hungry king can make all of your efforts feel for naught. Lord Aiden and Prince Varion have been secretly meeting to see what they can do to keep the peace between Prince Varion’s Summer Kingdom and Lord Aiden’s Greenlands. However, the king of Summer Kingdom craves the power of the dragon and will stop at nothing to get it… even if it means killing his own blood.

Varion and Aiden have made a blood pact that they will do whatever it takes to keep the Dragonfolk (people said to be descendants of dragons) safe from Varion’s father, King Cendali… even if that means Varion committing treason. Varion has also made a promise to his mother that he will protect his younger brother from their father. What do you do when your brother is determined to be the apple of his father’s eye?

King Cendali grows tired of Prince Varion’s “inability” to kill Lord Aiden, who has offered asylum to Prince Varion. He has sent Prince Varion to kill Lord Aiden. If he can’t, then his brother will. Aiden and Varion have learned the secret behind the power of the Dragonfolk… the power of the Dragonfolk allows them to become a dragon at will… but at a great cost. As Aiden and Varion race to save the Dragonfolk, can they save themselves from certain death and still find a way to be together?

It was a quick story about how war can define a person and what’s important to them. Varion and Aiden are young men who have an idea of how to bring peace to the world and how everyone should love one another, with no bloodshed. While it is idealistic… unfortunately, not realistic. It was something they learned early on. Another lesson they learned… your life may not turn out how you thought it would, but your life is exactly what it should be… and if you’re lucky, you can find love in the process.

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Playing With Fire ~ Alison Bliss

Playing With Fire

Just when you thought “This series couldn’t possibly get any better”… it totally does! This time… it’s all about Cowboy! (I loved me some Cowboy!) He finally found a girl who wouldn’t just bend to his will. She’s a quiet librarian and Cowboy’s trying to solve a crime of his fire chief. Anna is on the run from her past and ran right into Cowboy’s path. And boy was it fire!

Their interactions were just pure… whew! LORD!!!! They are fiery and sensual. Cowboy and Anna butt heads often and it’s enough to make you frustrated, but the payoff is so worth it. She is naive and he’s experienced, but boy does his reputation proceed him… but does the reputation match the person? He’s not a knight in shining armor, but he has a heart of gold. I thought I wanted a guy like Jake… but I think I really want a guy like Cowboy! He’s sweet and funny… very protective… and exactly what Anna needs. The same can be said for Cowboy. She’s sensitive, intelligent, and unlike any other girl he has ever met.

Take this sweet love story and add a blind man name Dan and great times to be had, friends! I loved every moment of this story!


(Everyone have a safe and fun Thanksgiving!)

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Unsung ~ Shannon Richards

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One day, you’re in love and about to get married. The next day, your fiance decided that knowing what each kitchen appliance does what is just too much for him. That is the story of Harper Laurence. She thought she was marrying the guy of her dreams, Brad… to only find out she wasn’t the woman of his dreams. Adding to the headache, heartache, and embarrassment of the entire situation is a local blogger (she makes us bloggers look bad), spreading the town gossip as though it was fiction. The other downside, most of her entries happen to be about Harper. The latest entry… Harper being deserted BEFORE the trip to the alter. The entry blasts Harper as a woman who doesn’t know how to keep a man and Brad being smart enough to get out before it was too late.

To get away from the negativity, Harper takes a trip to Nashville to visit her aunt. At the last minute, her aunt is called in to work. Just as a guy started to harass Harper, enter Liam, the younger brother of  Logan (read the review from his story here!). From there on out, both of their lives were changed forever. There is a vindictive actress who is hell bent snatching Liam, don’t forget about the blogger, and there’s Harper’s insecurities to contend with.

Don’t get me wrong… I figured out the conflict way in advance and I had an idea of the resolution. While the resolution didn’t quite play out how I saw it happening, I wasn’t that far off either. The refreshing part of this story was that it was Liam that was head over heels for Harper and she was running away. Her insecurities, at times, became draining… but it was a sweet story. Liam was really the perfect guy… sweet, loving, attentive. This really served the lesson… sometimes it takes walking away to really know what you have.

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Rules of Protection ~ Alison Bliss


Just when you think you can have an innocent night out with your friends at a club, you witness something drastic and tragic  and not meant for you to see. Emily went to a club with her friends, Gina and Dale, to celebrate her birthday and Emily witnesses a murder. In the process, she meets Agent Jake Ward… only, she doesn’t know he’s an agent trying to put away the murderer. There’s an immediate attraction, but they each have their own baggage. Naturally, with the murderer being the head of the Chicago mob… Emily must go into witness protection. While in protection, she doesn’t follow rules and does irrational things… which constantly annoyed the hell out of Jake, but drew him closer as well. Jake had to deal with Emily shenanigans that constantly put her either in danger or in harm’s way… and find the mole within the FBI… boy did he have his hands full!

While everything she did wasn’t necessarily the smartest decision, it did cause me to chuckle. Emily was hot headed and impulsive, and it drove me batty! I was constantly frustrated with Emily, but having Jake, Uncle Hank, and Aunt Floss made it worth it! Not to mention all of Jake’s friends, Cowboy, Ox, Judd, Bobbi Jo (which Bobbi Jo’s name made me hear “Bobby with a Y” the entire in my head!), and Junior. They were great additions to the story and helped move the story along; while providing a bit of comedy relief when needed.