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High and Mighty ~ S.S. Skye

Current ReadPicture this… A queen trapped in a tower for months with no rescue in sight. Your betrothed is running your kingdom and she’s accused of treason. The accusation of your betrothed being the reason you are locked in a tower. Interesting? Sure! Story execution, eh…

Lynley has been trapped in a tower for 3 months with no idea who put her there. With the help of Willard, a young village man, she escapes… but she’s not exactly the nicest person you’ve ever met. She’s constantly questioning (even if to herself) his competency… even though without him, she’d still be in that tower. She comes off as ungrateful for the rescue.

Isolda is betrothed to Lynley, which Lynley’s cousin, Brayden, is against. Isolda is holding down the fort (so to speak) and she’s described as sometimes cold, aloof, and calculating. While she wants to be queen and enjoys being with Lynley, there are some who feel she would stop at nothing to make that happen… even locking her betrothed in a tower. The culprit wasn’t actually surprising.

The writing wasn’t bad and it was a short story. It just didn’t do it for me. I didn’t hate it, but I wasn’t enthralled either. I would recommend it to pass the time.


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