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Her Knight In Black Leather ~ J.M. Stewart

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First intro to J.M. Stewart and I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve had this book for about two months. I cannot believe it took me so long! It’s quite the love story that has humor to lighten the mood when it gets a bit heavy.

Unfortunately, for some people, the sins of the father (or in this case… mother) has Cat looking for anonymity. Because of an incident involving Cat’s mother when Cat was young, has Cat trying to blend in.

Michael has spent his life trying to be the person he’s always wanted to be, not who his father wants him to be. For that,  he and his father are at odds. There’s a tragic incident in his past that he’d rather forget, but every time he comes home… he’s reminded.

One night, Cat is at a bar with a friend… trying to forget a failed relationship. There’s a guy who just won’t leave her be. Enter Michael. Neither one knows who the other is… and that allows them to both to let their guard down and be who they really are.

The downside to their relationship, there is someone stalking Cat and causing trouble anonymously. Intimate moments between Cat and Michael seem to become public. Desperate measures are taking as their relationship progresses.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. There’s just something about a bad boy who’s domestic… has a vulnerable side… but also has a teasing demeanor with a wicked smile.

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Everything ~ Melissa Pearl

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To start, this book has an awesome playlist in the beginning that really did enhance the story for me. (Check out the Jason Mraz song “3 Things” if you’ve never heard it before…)

Jody is a 20 year old young lady in college for performing arts. She has aspirations of being a Broadway actress… except that gets hindered when she falls for her music professor… and gets pregnant. Her professor has no desire to be a parent and when it is revealed that Jody is pregnant, the school asks her to leave.

Leo is a 27 year old (extremely attractive Australian) man who has aspirations of a Broadway playwright. But he’s mom’s golden boy and everything he does is to make her happy… and it’s making him miserable. He meets Gerry and mom loves her, so of course… they get married… only to have the marriage fall apart. After some big brotherly advice, Leo follows his heart (with some hopes and dreams) and comes to the States.

Jody and Leo encounter each other as he’s listing an apartment for rent and Jody’s having a bad day. He suggests listening to “3 Things” by Jason Mraz (which is really uplifting for anyone having a bad day… do give a listen!) and the rest as they say is history. It’s really a lovely story of how a friendship can turn into more… and that you may not have the life you want, but you will have the life that’s meant for you.

The start of the story is a bit different because of how it’s written. It seems as though the characters are in a reverie, which they may be… it’s a part of their past that leads them to where they are now. It does take a bit to get used to, but it gives a bit of back story.

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Obsidian ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout


This book was recommended to me by Emalie and I was not disappointed! (You have made a fan out of me!)

Katy and her mom move to West Virginia from Florida for a fresh start… and that is exactly what they got. Katy is your average teenager whose life revolves around technology. Her life is all about her blog (Book reviews… awesome!) Her mom wants her to get out of the house and make some friends… There just happens to be two teens next door around her age.

Their next door neighbors are a set of twins (of course they are both gorgeous…) and they are polar opposites. Dee is extremely sweet and affectionate. Daemon is cold and distant… like he’s truly infuriating to talk to or deal with, but deep down… not a bad person… they’re just a bit different.

The interaction between Daemon and Katy is hilarious and funny and sweet and sometimes you want to choke the hell out of Daemon. (Did I mention he can be infuriating?) The banter between the two completely sucked me in from the beginning and I couldn’t put the book down. I looked forward to every scene with the two of them.

This book is extremely entertaining and I enjoyed every moment. There were times when I was on the edge on my seat, needing to know what happens next… and times it had my heart slightly crushed. I am looking forward to reading the rest of this series.

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Sunblood ~ Maria Mora

Current ReadI’m torn about how I feel with this book. I did enjoy the story, but it had its moments where I left feeling “That’s it?” In some parts it was sweet and funny, but on other parts… just fell short. Caleb has an abnormality. He can read minds. Because of that, he is a part of a program that injected him with a microchip which is supposed to help regulate his ability as well as control when he uses it. Each person with a microchip is assigned an officer to watch and “protect” them. For Caleb, that would be Daniel.

Daniel volunteered for this duty, as he wants to help people. Daniel’s job is to make sure Caleb gets to court and town meetings on time… he’s used as the human lie detector. He has to delve into people’s minds for hours on end while they are standing trial to determine if they’re telling the truth. But… he hears all! Needless to say, Caleb knows a lot of secrets… and one day he hears the wrong one.

As a result, he’s carted away as violating a rule. As all this is happening, you as the reader can tell Caleb and Daniel have feelings for one another… but Daniel is ever the professional. Now Daniel has to find his way to Caleb to confess how he really feels now that there are no rules… but will it be too late?

The writing was great along with the world building, but sometimes I felt like while I was connected with the characters… I sometimes felt like I was no longer that invested in what happened. The ending was so abrupt that I said (unfortunately) out loud, “That’s it?! But how do they get out? Where do they go?!” (Not recommended if you’re reading on the porch as I was and people walking down the street stared..) It wasn’t bad, but it could have been better.

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Braedric’s Bane ~ AJ Nuest


We pick up with Caedmon and Rowena taking that leap of faith… through the mirror. Thankfully, they land in the home of good ol’ Oliver. Oh how I have missed him! And now, Oliver has a boyfriend. Everyone say hello to Jon! As Caedmon and Rowena explain their situation, they enlist the help of Oliver and Jon.

Caedmon’s adjustment to the present day isn’t going very well. He’s so far out of his element that you just want to hold him and let him know that it’s gonna be fine! For me this was the first time I felt like he doesn’t know what to do and that’s not sitting well with him. They must now travel back to Caedmon’s realm if they are to save the kingdom. The problem is how history is being written. History is not being kind to Caedmon, but it’s being extremely disheartening for Rowena. In some parts of history, she’s either the savior or the demise of the kingdom. What do you do? Travel bad to save the kingdom, that’s what! Kill the bad guy and be done it!

Or are you?

I’m so sad this series is over, but that doesn’t mean it’s done. Overall, the storytelling throughout this series has been absolutely amazing. The author, AJ Nuest, has a way of unfolding a story that has you emotionally connected to each character. While each page is not a page-turner and they aren’t meant to be… thankfully (how emotionally draining would that be?!) the character development that happens on those pages make up for the pages that are not action packed. I am so looking forward to reading more from Ms. Nuest!

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Caedmon’s Curse ~ AJ Nuest

Book 3


Be still my heart!!!! As Rowena is resolved in getting her freedom the best way she knows how, Caedmon has decided the best way to show he loves her… he has to let her go, but not before he knows for sure that she is capable of taking are of herself while she out on her own… outside the castle and his protection. This scene alone is more than enough reason to buy this series! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I promise you, this scene is storytelling at its best!

But just so you don’t get too comfortable, the moment will be interrupted! (There had to be some conflict… you wouldn’t have a story otherwise, silly!) There’s a traitor in their midst and a little birdy (maybe not so little) whispers a name in their ear… but it’s hard to digest. In the end, they take a leap of faith and must come up with a plan to prevail.

Although the series has one book left, I am proclaiming it. THIS IS MY FAVORITE BOOK IN THE SERIES! In “Candra’s Freedom” review, I mentioned that my heart was broken and then it shattered… well in this one, my heart was put back together… and shattered by revelations! It was awesome! (“Mean Girls” style… “One time AJ Nuest broke my heart, it was awesome!”) I can’t wait for the finale!

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Candra’s Freedom ~ AJ Nuest


If you have not read “Rowena’s Key”… do not proceed as this review may (and probably will) contain a few spoilers…. You have been warned!

Rowena still has no memory of who she is or who she used to be. Caedmon was held prisoner for two years while being tortured at the hands and mercy of Seviere’s men. With the help of his mother’s family members, Caedmon escaped and headed for Rowena. Only problem, she has no recollection of who Caedmon is. While he’s fighting her for her heart… she’s fighting to leave…

Now, while Rowena not having her memory is actually for a good reason, doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt… her or Caedmon. This was the first time Caedmon had ever been in love and with his luck… she doesn’t remember him. Just when I thought my heart was already broken for him… it shattered. It made me want to one of two things…

Loop my arm through Rowena’s arm as we took a walk and explained to her all his wonderful qualities and how I understand her memory loss is a problem… you are missing out on something… SOMEONE amazing!


Loop my arm through Caedmon’s arm and explain to him how I’m a much better option and she didn’t deserve him… LOL (I can already see my head on a spike for that!!!!)

The writing in this is so great that I felt myself on the verge of tears every time Caedmon experienced a setback with Rowena. Even though he is a tortured soul and hero, he is quickly becoming my favorite hero.