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Like Stolen Pearls ~ Talya Andor

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I’m not quite sure how to approach this review. I didn’t hate the book, but I didn’t love it. Bridget is a newly graduate of the Knight Academy. Her first quest is to find the witch that is giving children nightmares. Should be an easy quest as Bridget graduated with the highest remarks in her class. She finds that not everything she knows about witches to be true. She meets Sylvaine, the witch she’s looking for, and she’s domestic, tidy, and just all around sweet.

Sylvaine is a lot more intelligent than she’s been given credit for, but she’s also not violent. She has thwarted Bridget at every turn, but she been very sweet about it. While Bridget may be the best knight of her graduating class, but she’s naïve. It’s not a bad thing, but after maybe the first two attempts of you trying to catch Sylvaine, one would think she would wise up a bit. In the end there’s a quick resolution, but the story just fell flat for me.


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