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Jezebel’s Wish ~ AJ Nuest


Title: Jezebel’s Wish
Author: AJ Nuest
Review Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by: Shakera


Sometimes, you have to confront your past in order to face your future. Not all of us are strong enough to do that. This is Jezebel’s story.

After the death of her fiancé, Jeffrey, Jezzy goes home to be in the comfort of her family. She meets Matty, the family vet, who challenges her at every turn. They bicker constantly, but when mom devises a plan for Matty to give Jezzy horse back riding lessons, there is no turning back! Through the course of Jezzy’s short time at home, she is able to let her guard down and you see the real Jezebel… not who Jezzy thinks she is. Jezzy’s perception of herself is so skewed due to Jeffrey’s treatment of her that she doesn’t know how to be anything other than the weak and worthless woman he always said she was. What others don’t know is that Jezzy is harboring a secret and the guilt of that secret is eating her alive. The only person to see through all of this… Matty. Can he convince Jezzy to let go of her past so that she can start living the life she deserves?

This story definitely pulls at your heart strings and then completely rips them out. While reading this story, I had to remind myself that I am not who people think I am… I’m my own person and everyone deserves to be happy. It reminds you that life is short! Live, Laugh, Love!

18+, Book Review, Books, Fiction, HEA, Romance, series

French Restoration ~ Sara Claridge


Title: French Restoration
Author: Sara Claridge
Reviewer: Shakera
Rating: 4 Stars

This is a charming short story about finding love while trying to navigate your future as you are piecing together and understanding your past.

Chantal is trying to move on from a frightful nightmare of her past and just as she is starting to, she takes a new job doing interior decorating for Alex Kirkwood. It’s what she loves and what she is passionate about. The chemistry between the two is wonderful and full of tender moments, but also full of realness and at times confusion. Their relationship is true to life in the sense of seeing them go from co-workers to friends to lovers, but the confusion lies in her trying to remember her past so that she can see what lies ahead in her future.

It is wonderfully written, however if you don’t speak French you should want to have either a dictionary or the internet handy. The dialogue gives you some context as to what Chantal is saying even though it’s in French, but couldn’t hurt to have one of those nearby. While there is romance, there is also suspense. Someone has set out to sabotage Chantal’s work and Chantal herself in the process. While it wasn’t hard to figure out who it was, you were still invested and engaged in the story to see how it would play out. Well done!

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Mr. and Mr. Smith ~ HelenKay Dimon

Mr and Mr Smith.jpg
Title: Mr. and Mr. Smith
Author: HelenKay Dimon
Review Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by: Shakera

Where to start? The summer days just keep getting hotter with this story! Two CIA agents, deep undercover on the same project. Here’s the thing… only one agent knows their both undercover!

Fisher’s life has always about the CIA. Complete your mission, take a breather, move on the next mission. All that changed when Zach walked into his life. Zach made him want more out of life… he made Fisher want the one thing he never had… family. BUT… what is a man to think when he comes home and the guy he’s fallen in love with has been taken?! Even more, the man you fell in love with… is actually a double agent.. and you had no idea! Zach is a CIA agent that infiltrated a deadly organization that kidnaps people of power and auctions them off to the highest bidder. This organization is a family operation that is not above killing to get the assets they need and their next target… Fisher! The mission: save Fisher, dismantle the organization, and see what you can salvage of your relationship… oh and not die!

Mr. and Mr. Smith literally had everything. There was love, betrayal, humor, and hot love scenes! Fisher and Zach both have such terrible upbringings that you want to root for them… even when they’re being stupid. Hurt feelings and a sense of betrayal sends both Fisher and Zach to the edge that they feel they have something to prove, leading one to go back undercover – knowing this could be the end for him while the other insists on harboring his feelings and allowing them to fester… slowly dying on the inside. This story was quite the page turner! I put off sleep so that I could know what happened next and how the story ended. I’m so glad that I did! This appears to be a series, so that makes me excited to know what will happen next!

Thanks to NetGalley for allowing me to review this book!



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Fire & Ice ~ Michele Barrow-Belisle



Title: Fire & Ice
Author: Michele Barrow-Belisle
Review Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by: Shakera

Growing up, everyone at some time in their life believed they were different. Lorelei is no different… except she is different. She has this mysterious and unexplained ability to heal people. Throw in a hot elf AND a hot fey, a few people wanting get to kill you, plus a pesky prophesy and you have quite the story!

I haven’t read a book with this much angst in such a long time! I found myself constantly wanting/needing to know what happened next and what will happen after that. The characters are well developed and yet mysterious. There were moments of frustration because of misunderstandings and moments of humor so that the story didn’t get too serious so quickly.

I truly enjoyed this story and I am looking forward to reading much more of this series!

Book Review, Books, Fantasy, Fiction, Sci-fi, series

The Invisible Library ~ Genevieve Cogman



Title: The Invisible Library
Author: Genevieve Cogman
Reviewer: Shakera
Rating: 5 Stars

Code Name: Irene
Occupation: A literary spy
Mission: Find the book that could either save the worlds… or destroy them!

Irene works for a secret “organization” and her job is to find and return to the Invisible Library pieces of literature that are unique and could shape the worlds, but you have no way of knowing if it’s for the better or not. Oh, and yes I did say worlds. I guess I forgot to mention that this story takes among alternate universes.

Irene is a librarian which means something completely different to us than to this story. It is her duty to find books that are authentic, but unique and could have several copies… but the library is after the original as stories are retold often and over the course of time, could be altered. In this case, she’s after “The Grimm Fairytales”. She and her trainee, Kai, are sent to retrieve it from  an alternate world that is very similar to being in London. One of the many problems: by the time Irene and Kai arrive, the book is already gone! She has to find the book among others who are quite dangerous (and quite interesting), solve a murder, and keep the worlds balanced… not an easy task, but failure is not an option!

“The Invisible Library” has such a great premise and storyline with intriguing characters that you can’t help but be enthralled! What’s not to love about a story that has everything from Fae to Dragons to alternate worlds?! There’s lies, betrayal, and many twists and turns! It was like reading Sherlock Holmes meets Doctor Who! I am glad that I was picked to read this story and I look forward to reading much more of this series!


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