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Stormee Waters ~ Lynda Coker

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Stormee Waters, 23 year old magazine journalist… Guardian to her 16 year old brother, Josh and caregiver to her aging grandmother. She has a lot on her plate to say the least. Her column for the week… “Alpha Males: Despicable or Desirable?” Meet Dirk Savage. He runs his own company and is used to getting his way… in everything.  Stormee interviews Dirk and the attraction is instant. Dirk does come on a bit strong… but he’s an alpha male, what did you expect?!

I would rate it 3 and half stars. While the story was interesting, there were moments when I felt that the story is being rushed. Granted, it is a short story… but there were a few scenes that could have been fleshed out a bit. The writing was well done and you’re able to connect with the characters (I loved Nana!), but it felt a little rushed. This short story is a great way to pass the time and I really enjoyed it!


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