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Rowena’s Key ~ AJ Nuest

First Read

This is the book that starts it all. The perfect combination of when history meets the present day.

Meet Rowena (present day). Owner of an antique shop and finally got her hands on the piece she’s coveted for quite some time… an armoire. It contains a magical mirror, and she has no idea (the armoire also included a key with her initials on it as well). One night as she’s preparing for bed, the armoire opens and meet Caedmon. Caedmon is a handsome devil from ancient history and his kingdom is in peril. His kingdom is in desperate need of a key to a chest that another kingdom has in its possession. That’s just the first problem… the biggest problem? Rowena has the key with her in current day! Over the course of a some time, Rowena must decide if Caedmon is worth of the key. The adventure begin!!!!

I always knew what kind of hero I loved and adored (and preferred)! I love the bad boy with a heart of gold. You know, cocky but protective?! Then I met Caedmon and that has changed everything!!!! He’s sweet, sensitive and just an overall sweetheart. He had me at his memories of his deceased mother. The treatment he received from his father and half brother when she passed made me wish that they stepped on a small, two-pronged Lego!!!!

I am already in love with the second part of this series, “The Golden Key Legacy” and although this is just the start of “The Golden Key Chronicles”… this series is giving its successor a run for its money!!!!



7 thoughts on “Rowena’s Key ~ AJ Nuest”

  1. ok, so…help me here…it’s Legacy, then Rowena’s Key, then there will be another one right? Because I started Rowena’s Key yesterday and I’ve already pushed my school work to the side. LOL! Oh, and I need a real life Ollie.

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  2. Sooo, I’ve gotten a little farther than last we talked. I love them. Oh my, I love them. I keep waiting for Rowena to stop thinking it’s a theatrical production. And I want Ollie to show up at my place with a bottle of wine. It’s this then Legacy right? I’m reading them out of order aren’t I? Story of my life. LOL! But hey, so far…so awesome. I’m a fan. I’ll do school work tomorrow. My professor is just going to have to understand that my work is late because I’m developing an emotional attachment to a fictional character. And that’s my prerogative. ;0)


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