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Atlanta Burns ~ Chuck Wendig

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Thank you to NetGalley for approving me for this book! I enjoyed the book for what it was, but as a warning… this book is pretty dark (or at least it has some dark moments… ) Atlanta Burns is a high school student with a troubled past. She moves from North Carolina to Pennsylvania as a result and she comes with a reputation. She’s a total badass who does not stand for bullying of any kind. What I can appreciate about this book is that it touches on quite a few issues such as discrimination (of all kinds), dog fighting, and sexual assault.

The book starts with her saving a kid named Shane from being bullied because he’s Venezuelan.  For that, she’s made a friend. But she also gains the reputation of being the problem solver. Shane has a friend, Chris, who was bullied and sexually assaulted because he’s gay. The three of them become great friends, but they want revenge. The more they plot their revenge, the more you notice how racist and unaccepting the town really is. As a result, all revenge plots are never perfectly executed. Atlanta feels like everything she touches goes bad, but her heart is in the right place. Just when she feels like she’s settled into her place in life, tragedy strikes… and she feels like it’s her fault. It’s up to her to set it right.

The dialogue was a bit awkward at times, but it’s been a while since I was a teenager. This book has breached subjects such as prescription drug use, sexual assault, and discrimination that makes conversations warranted. The message at the end was inspiring. There was a mention in the beginning of the book how there’s tons of videos on youtube telling you that it gets better. Atlanta tells you it doesn’t get better… if you choose not to stand up and take a stand against bullies. So hopefully, conversations will start.

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A Wizard Rises ~ AJ Nuest

A Wizard Rises

This is my introduction to AJ Nuest and man, can she tell a story! This book had me in stitches the entire time. This is the 3rd installment of the series (I do need to go back and read the first 2 installments), but it gives just enough back story that you can keep up.

Rhys is a modern day artist and Faedrah is a princess from an ancient kingdom. She and her kingdom are in danger from… Rhys’s father, Leo. He means to destroy the princess and her kingdom, but Rhys is there every step of the way to protect the love of his life. Every time Rhys finds a way around Leo, Leo just ups the ante.

This book was witty, smart and completely had me from page 1. No, seriously… on page one Faedrah and Rhys are tied up in a dungeon and Rhys is being a smart ass. I loved that Faedrah was strong… which further in the book you see she gets that from her mother. She didn’t need Rhys, she wants him. They are good alone, but they’re strongest together. Rhys is a lot smarter and gifted than anyone in her world gave him credit for. I cannot wait for the next installment! Since the flow of this book was so fast, reading the first two installments shouldn’t be a problem!

(I received a copy from NetGalley for my honest opinion… )

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Emissary ~ Thomas Locke

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I must start by noting that I received a copy from NetGalley for an honest review. I was fascinated by this book with every page. We follow Hyam in his journey to find out who he is and save the realm.

The hero, Hyam, becomes an orphan that has extraordinary powers. He doesn’t know how he came to have them, but they come in handy. There’s an evil that’s overtaking the realm and he means to save it. He travels throughout the realm, gaining allies along the way and two very strong companions. Meet mages, Trace and Joelle. They become his confidants, which he severely needs. Both Trace and Joelle come from the Long Hall, but with very different stories. The three of them learn to trust and respect each other along the way and feelings develop between Hyam and Joelle.

I understand why this book received such high ratings! It flowed very well. It was fast paced, but not every page was action packed. With each chapter, you learned more and more about Hyam and his journey to find out who he is… what he is. The women were strong and I loved it (and Hyam appreciated it!) The world building was well done. I felt as though I was traveling along with Hyam, Joelle, and Trace through each village. It was great storytelling and I look forward to the sequel!

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The Wandering Harlot ~ Iny Lorentz

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I must start by saying that I received a copy from NetGalley for my opinion… So thanks for that!  I have to say… although the book was interesting enough to continue reading, it felt like it was a long book. This book takes place during the Medieval time period. The names can become a bit confusing… sometimes it was hard to figure out who was talking about who or talking to who. There are 6 parts in this book and each part has at least 8 chapters. There’s a chapter in the beginning and the end that helps explain a good amount of the history during that time period. (It’s a good book to read… if you have the time…)

This is a story about a young woman named, Marie, who is set to be married to a lawyer, Rupert. Although he is a lawyer, he’s as crooked as they come. Rupert, along with his accomplices,  shamed her and left her with nothing; as a result she is forced to leave her home and town due to her being tried and found guilty for not being “virtuous”. Rupert is ruthless in battle to gain as much power as possible, not caring who is harmed or killed.

Forced into the life of prostitution, Marie befriends Hiltrud, a fellow prostitute and teacher. They travel the country together and find themselves back in Marie’s hometown. They strengthen their bond with all the trials and tribulations they go through and along the way you learn how Hiltrud became who she is today.

What I liked about this book is that it showed Marie as truly human. She had moments where she could was witty, intelligent, and cunning. But she also had moments where even the little things could get the be get the best of her if she lets it. There were moments where life was just overwhelming, but she powered through. It shows you how you can go from being content with your life to having nothing and being bitter… It begs to question, how far would you go for revenge?

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The Noru : Blue Rose ~ Lola StVil

The Noru

I liked the book and it kept me captivated, but what kept this from being a 5 star book… the ages of the characters. The story would have been a great one if they were young adults instead of 14-year old kids.

With that being said… we follow Pryor on her quest to be a normal teenager despite being the daughter of the Angel of Death, Emmy and the First Guardian, Marcus … making her an angel and the First Noru. She’s feisty, kick ass, and impulsive. She has super powers (as angels tend to…) that are awesome, yet frightening. She, along with the other 5 Norus (Bex, Key, Swoop, Aaden, and Easton) protect the human world from evil with their supernatural abilities. Each one has a different ability that makes them unique. And they all use their powers for good.

And man is she having one rough week! Her best friend, Randy (human) is on mom’s list of people that has to die and there is nothing her mom can do. Evil has a new face… and it’s her Brother! He’s trying to bring about the destruction of not only Pryor, but the entire world. The team assembles to not only stop her brother, but to see what can be done to save Randy.

The book does have a disclaimer about Chapter 12. It really is for mature audiences, but the chapter really is completely unnecessary. It doesn’t add to or take away from the story; you can skip this chapter and miss nothing. I do get and understand what she was trying to achieve with this chapter… I just thought there was a different way to show that someone was hurting and trying to self-destruct.

Overall, I enjoyed the story and I understood why the ratings were high for this. I did have to take into account quite a few times though, they are only 14… not 19 or 20. I usually had to take that into account when I couldn’t understand why Pryor took offense to some things, but I understand. It did end in a cliff hanger, so I am eager to see where the story goes from here. (Also, that cover is kick ass awesome!)


2015 Read Your Freebies Reading Challenge


Reading Challenge Details:

  • Runs January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015 (ebooks read prior to 1/1/2015 do not count towards the challenge). You can join anytime before 9/30/2015. Sign up on The Book Vixen’s blog.
  • The goal is to read at least twelve (12) free ebooks. While twelve is the minimum, there is no maximum limit. See the different levels below and pick the one that works best for you. You can move up a level as often as you’d like but no moving down. Remember, the idea is to challenge yourself.
  • This reading challenge is for LEGALLY obtained FREE ebooks. We do not condone ebook piracy. These can be ebooks offered through bigger sites, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, or smaller sites, such as Smashwords and All Romance Ebooks. Ebooks offered through author or publisher websites are acceptable as well, provided they are available free to everyone at the time of download.
  • Only ebooks and audiobooks that were available free, in a legal manner, to the public will count towards this challenge. eARCs, library books, ebooks free through Amazon Prime/Kindle Unlimited, and/or books won or gifted are not eligible for this challenge.
  • Any ebook format will work for this challenge (azw, EPUB, iBooks, mobi, PDF, etc.). You DO NOT need to have an ereader to participate in this challenge. You can read ebooks using Amazon’sFree Kindle Reading Apps, which you can download for your iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, Blackberry and more. Free audiobooks also count towards this challenge provided they are free to the public. They can’t be free as a condition of signing up for a service and they can’t be provided by the publisher for review.
  • Ebooks can be any genre (fiction, nonfiction, romance, fantasy, mystery, thriller, horror, etc.).
  • Crossovers from other reading challenges are allowed, however, re-reads are not eligible for this challenge. The goal is to read the freebies you’ve legally acquired so that they are off your TBR pile.
  • To join this challenge, grab the 2015 Read Your Freebies! Reading Challenge button below and post this reading challenge on your blog to track your progress. Please include a link back to this sign-up post so others can join the reading challenge too. You do not have to be a book blogger to participate; you can track your progress on Goodreads, LibraryThing, BookLikes, etc., so as long as you have a dedicated shelf for the 2015 Read Your Freebies! Reading Challenge and your profile is not private. The point of linking up is to have a place where people can see what you’re reading.


  • Coupon Clipper: read 12 ebooks
  • Penny Pincher: read 24 ebooks
  • Buying in Bulk: read 36 ebooks
  • Super Saver: read 50 ebooks
  • Extreme Couponer: read 100+ ebooks

I’m going with Coupon Clipper… It’s so easy to get burned with the freebies, but that’s the exciting part!

1 of 12: The Noru: Blue Rose by Lola StVil

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The Vanishing Girl ~ Laura Thalassa

The Vanishing Girl

The first book of the new year and it started with a bang! From the explosion of the new year remains one very special Ember.

I don’t even know where to start with this book! I loved the concept and execution of this book. (I received a copy from Netgalley… Thanks!) The story follows 18-year-old, Ember, who’s a special girl. She has the ability to teleport to any place in the world within minutes of her falling asleep. The catch… after 10 minutes of her being there, she automatically teleports back home.

Ember is a government experiment that was created 18 years ago. Her genetics were tampered with to create teleporters to ensure national security. A week after her 18th birthday, she is sent to a government facility. A long the way she meets Caden. Everything about Caden is perfect. No, really… everything about him is perfect as his genetics makes him exactly like Ember. There are tons more teleporters than she knew existed. The teleporters are sent out on missions to help the government with national security. It’s dangerous, but it really is for the greater good. Ember wants to escape and expose the program, but can she do all this without losing her heart to Caden?

It was a fast paced book and quite the page turner! It has humor, drama, and love. I liked everything about this story. It was my first introduction to Laura Thalassa. If all of her books are like this, I can’t wait for the others! I’m eagerly anticipating the follow up to The Vanishing Girl!