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Plato for Plumbers ~ Francis Gideon

Plato for Plumbers

This is the third book I have read by Mr. Gideon. While I have enjoyed them (this one included) I wasn’t blown away by them. This one took a bit for me to get into… downside… it’s a short story. What I did like is the mutual respect for each other and their idea/philosophy. Ken did give the air of superiority, but wasn’t arrogant. He respected Mark and his philosophy… it was refreshing to have someone with a different outlook/point-of-view.

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Percolation, Poetry, and Passion ~ A.V. Sanders


I received a copy from NetGalley for an honest review.

This may be an unpopular opinion, but this story felt incomplete. I understand it was a short story, but there are plenty of short stories that I have read and it was a complete story. While Beckett was a likable character and Simon was likable at times, neither character felt developed and they lacked passion. It felt like this was just the summary or rough draft of a story. The flow of the story was a bit shaky… they go from meeting each other for the first time to Simon being jealous and insecure to meeting Beckett’s family. Beckett’s family didn’t really add anything to the story… I won’t say they were unnecessary, but they didn’t add much.

I generally (and genuinely) try not to write a bad review for books, as this is someone’s livelihood… This book just didn’t really do it for me.


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The Roman’s Revenge ~ Caroline Storer

The Roman's Revenge

Take a man blinded by revenge and a young woman whose life is not her own and you have this story. Metellus has been living with the plot of revenge for fourteen years. It’s a code he’s been living with ever since the day he was father was arrested and executed for conspiracy, which he was falsely accused. The accuser, Senator Drasus. Because of the lies, Nero exiled Metellus and his mother and took away all of his father’s fortune.

As luck would have it, Senator Drasus has a daughter, Livia, who is on her way to Alexandria to be married when the ship is capsized. Her savior, Metullus. In his plot of revenge, he marries her. Giving the time period… she had no choice. In an attempt to have a happy life, Livia tries to get down to the bottom of the story… did her father do what he was accused of or was he set up?

I have to say, it wasn’t that hard to find out who did what. It was a bit predictable, but still enjoyable. Metullus had been so hard for so long that it took him by surprise that Livia wasn’t anything like what he expected. She wasn’t the pampered princess that he thought she was. The fire that Livia had was a bit refreshing. When she spoke her mind (which wasn’t widely accepted in that time period) it was refreshing and the banter was entertaining. It was a solid 3.5 star for me.

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Ghost of You ~ Kelly Moran

Ghost of You

The third installment… what can I say!? There were times this book scared all 20 types of shit out of me and it was awesome!!!!!!! (Did I mention the gang’s all back?! I missed Paul!!!!) The paranormal aspect of this story was stepped up a bit more than the previous books in the series. There were demons, ghosts, fires, love, mutual respect, and love.

Okay, so it’s blatantly obvious that Sammy hates Cain and he has no idea why… except he’s a psychologist. If she wants to be a producer, she’ll have to learn to play nice with him. Should be easy, except their next case takes her back to a place she worked so hard to get away from… her hometown in Nebraska. It brings back all of her most painful memories and the best person to help her through this… the guy she hates the most, Cain.

Cain and Sammy have more in common than either knew or realized. With so much trauma in their lives, one would have thought they would just gravitate towards each other, but it only put them at each other’s throats…and only adding to their chemistry! You get to learn so much about these two characters that you can’t help but root for them! And their snappy one liners to each other doesn’t hurt either!

Both Sammy and Cain are wonderfully developed characters that it was completely believable to have Sammy despising Cain from day one to having them get to know each other.


This is the song I heard (in my head… don’t judge) when Sammy and Cain finally made love!

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The Congregation ~ Desiree Bombenon

The Congregation

No one knew what the betrayal of one’s trust can lead to. Unfortunately, this betrayal comes from a priest who behaved severely inappropriately towards two young men who were working their way through priesthood. While the event happened a long time ago, it left a lasting impression on the two men who will later become Father Kristofferson and Father Roland.

On a trip (a vacation… if you will) to Italy, husband and wife duo, Jake and Amanda, meet Father Roland to have a set of rosary beads blessed for Amanda’s mother. In return, Father Roland would like the two of them to deliver a “gift” to Father Kristofferson, as Father Roland feels that his friend has lost his faith. They agreed (Jake reluctantly so) to deliver the gift to Father Kristofferson in Chicago. Before they deliver what, at first glance, appears to be a religious relic, they meet Professor Orloff.

Professor Orloff is a very interesting character. Not religious, believes in science and history… and becomes such an invaluable asset to Jake and Amanda. Jake and Amanda are Canadians who help the police whenever possible… It helps that Amanda is a clairvoyant being. She keeps having these vision that she can’t quite make sense of… not realizing that something huge was in the works.

Enter Josh, popular student, natural leader, and extremely loyal to Father Kristofferson, helps create a group for teens and young adults that suffered at the hands of adults. The suffering ranged from physical abuse to just plain neglect. They called themselves “The Gathering” and they believe that they can start a revolution and what better way to do that than to start with the church… Can Jake and Amanda (with the help of Professor Orloff) put a stop to this attack before it’s too late? Or, will the face of organized religion be changed forever?

What I loved about this book is that everyone’s storyline was interconnected. It was like the Oscar winning movie, “Crash”. There were tons of storylines that tied into each other. You don’t see the clear connections, but it’s there. There was one storyline that I wasn’t fully prepared for… the level of abuse in this particular storyline threw me a bit, but once you get pass the abuse… it’s hard to put the book down!