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Book Review & Release Blitz: Royal Love ~ Cristiane Serruya

royal love.jpg

Title: Royal Love (Last Royals #1)
Author: Cristiane Serruya
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Cristiane Serruya
Date of Release: January 11, 2018
Pages: 411
Format: Audio (Audiobook Fly)

I was completely enthralled with this story and was so happy to find out it’s a series. Siobhan and Angus were both so amazing together. They were witty and steamy.

Angus meets Siobhan at a party where she’s working. They are both seriously attracted to each, but Siobhan only knows he’s rich. Once they have their night together, this story goes full throttle!

What brought this story together was the narration. This is the first story I’ve listened to with Lacy Laurel and Logan MacAllister. I thought they were perfect, with great writing to go with it.  It was fun and steamy. I couldn’t get enough! Bring on book 2!


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Free Books: Our Forever Series ~ Elena Matthews

Our Forever


Title: Our Forever & Till Forever (Books 1 &2)
Author: Elena Matthews
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Date of Release: Sep 27, 2016 & Nov 14, 2017
Pages: 265 & 271

¸¸.•¨•★ Free! ★•¨•.¸¸


Our Forever:

When you fall in love with your best friend, it’s supposed to last forever.

Jo Donovan was a true believer of happily ever afters—until her best friend, Christopher was killed in Afghanistan. Destroying her. Destroying her world.

Five years later…

Jo finds herself still stuck in the past, unable to find closure. When she moves to Austin, Texas, with her son, she finally finds the fresh start she’s been desperately seeking. What she doesn’t know is that the fresh start comes in the form of her sexy neighbor, Drew Greyson.

Their friendship starts off rocky, but eventually, a spark between them ignites. It isn’t long before their attraction turns into something explosive and unexpected. Drew wants to be her everything, her forever, but will Jo’s loss and grief stop her from following her heart?
Warning: Recommended for ages 18+ due to explicit language and sexual situations.
A stand-alone spin-off from the Look After You series

Till Forever:

When you marry your soul mate, it’s supposed to last forever.

Tyler and Mia Bailey are blissfully married, living out their dreams…until a soul-shattering devastation breaks them apart, forcing Mia to walk away from their happily ever after.

After months of separation and silence, Tyler is finally ready to fight for the love of his life, but Mia is trying to move on, and her resistance to her husband’s charms will prove to be the biggest battle he’s ever had to face.

It was supposed to be till forever…but forever might be just out of their reach.

Warning: Recommended for ages 18+ due to explicit language and sexual situations.

This can be read as a stand-alone


Price subject to change

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Release Blitz & Book Review: Hope’s Decree & Hope’s Deceit ~ Angela McPherson

Title: Hope’s Decree

Author: Angela McPherson

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Untold Press

Cover Designer: Just write. Creations


When everything else is lost, there is always hope.

Most teens want an epic senior year. All Trinity Whitebone hoped for was a normal one. She is the direct descendant of Pandora and fated to rectify the terrors released into the world by her curious ancestor.

Blain Heros is the sworn guardian created by Zeus to protect Trinity. His mission is to train her to defend humans against Pandora’s curse. For Blain, training a mortal for battle is impossible. For Trinity, taking orders from an overbearing immortal whose touch leaves her dizzy, is hopeless. But with each passing lesson, frustration and confusion give way to an electrifying bond.

Together they are a force to be feared, only defending humans against an ancient curse isn’t the only threat in the world anymore. A band of rogue immortals is hunting Trinity because her power is key to unleashing an unholy darkness into the mortal realm. As the war between light and dark brews, Trinity vows to fully embrace her fate–or die trying.

*The final book in The Fated trilogy is coming out soon*


This is by far one of the best YA series I’ve read, so far. While Trinity starts off shy, she grows with confidence each step of the way. Blain came off as hot and cold, but once you get to know him… you understand why. The chemistry between them was great and I enjoyed each of their interactions together. There was a bit of a love triangle in the beginning, but it wasn’t distracting and didn’t take away from the story. The way the Greek Mythology was woven into the story was flawless. Highly recommend this book for YA lovers and Greek Mythology fans!


Title: Hope’s Deceit

Author: Angela McPherson

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Untold Press

Cover Designer: Just write. Creations


In the end, light may not be enough to outshine the darkness. 

After Melia’s near-fatal attack, the connection binding Trinity and Blain shifts, allowing a dark force to wedge them apart. Her only hope for the life she craves is stopping Melia and her gang of Rogues.

Too bad life never plays fair. As Trinity’s eighteenth birthday draws near, new abilities manifest. More problems occur when objects around her spontaneously erupt in flames. While Trinity tries to manage her new powers, Blain works with Watchers to root out Melia’s hiding place. Unfortunately, Trinity’s uncontrolled talent evokes suspicion, causing old friends to challenge her ability to fulfill her destiny.

 Havoc between the immortals ensues, leaving mortals unprotected as a new threat surfaces. Melia found a way to awaken an ancient god, whose wrath–if released–is sure to create more devastation than Pandora ever dreamed of. Everything about Trinity’s life is changing, except her vow: Keep those she cares for safe.

But fate always has an ulterior plan.

So… it was like someone just pushed the pause button on the remote, let me get some snacks and a beverage, come back to my reading cove, and they pressed play. We pick up right where we left off, in non-stop action! First off, the romance between Trinity and Blain… heats up! I feel the flames, ladies and gentlemen! I was in awe of the character development for Trinity between book 1 and now. She is a much stronger character in this book and it was awesome to watch it unfold before your eyes. I won’t lie, in the first book I thought Morpheus was a bit creepy, however, in this book… he is a hoot! The end sets up the finale quite well, and I’m excited to see how this plays out! Be careful! This series can easily be read in a weekend! Thoroughly enjoyed this series and I’m eagerly awaiting the end of the trilogy!

Born and currently residing in Texas, Angela works as a nurse during the day and an author by night. She’s addicted to cleaning, coffee, and fuzzy socks. When not spending time with her husband and their three children, working or writing, she’s reading a good book or listening to music.

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Buy Links:

Hope’s Decree: https://amzn.to/2Ig6V6j

Hope’s Deceit: https://amzn.to/2KFOx57

Hope’s Decree:

I couldn’t feel anything.

My whole freakish life I’d desperately wanted to shut out the surge of emotions I often felt from others. But this empty vacancy was out of place and wrong.

Off to my right, something flickered. I turned to look, and in the distance, a flash of light caught my attention. I watched, transfixed as it expanded and molded into the solid figure of a man. Curiosity or stupidity–not sure which–drew me toward him. With each step, my insides stirred, a desperate need beckoning me.

I made it close enough to see his coal black hair and broad shoulders before his image blurred and disappeared. Maybe I should have run, or at least tried, but an inexplicable force held me still. Now he stood behind me. I tensed as his massive arms wrapped around my waist.

His hold liberated my mind from the numbing loss of feelings, and fear pressed against me. Within him, profound fragments of greed and hate surged. But it was what those demented feelings led to that frightened me. A siege of war and bloodshed unlike the world has ever known.

Fear and terror spread through me like fire. I began to shake and my stomach rolled with nausea. His unbreakable hold suffocated the light inside of me and the darkness emerged.

Hope’s Deceit

Waking up every morning to Blain and his skillfully, mind-blowing kisses definitely made starting the day easier. Those lips

of his had a way of making me forget the outside world. His clean cotton and fresh-out-of-the-shower scent clung to him like static, and I couldn’t get enough. The feeling of comfort and safety while wrapped in his arms enveloped me, and the terrible images that startled me awake earlier faded away.

Melia being a Rogue and nearly killing me was frightening. But seeing the black orb attack Blain was a whole new level of terrifying. He seemed okay, though. God, I hoped he was okay.

Blain inched back, definitely far enough to see redness spread across my face, and grinned. His stare, the desire and need held there, made my pulse race. “God, you’re beautiful,” he said, stroking a thumb across my cheek.

His tender touch burned through me. The familiar buzz danced along my skin, and the colors from our power–white and gold– followed the sweet caress.

“This is my favorite part, the pink across your cheeks and knowing I put it there.”

I smiled. “Mine is definitely your lips.”

In turn, they kicked up in a sinful smile. The single butterfly in my stomach multiplied into a swarm. The clear blue in his eyes darkened, and he brought his mouth over mine.

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Book Review: The Mystery of the Curiosities ~ C.S. Poe

The Mystery of the Curiosities.jpg

Title: The Mystery of the Curiosities (Snow & Winter, Book 2)
Author: C.S. Poe
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: LGBTQIA, Romance
Publisher: DSP Publications
Date of Release: March 7, 2017
Pages: 200
Format: PDF (The Romance Reviews)

Oh, how I have missed Sebastian and Calvin! It has been too long, I tell ya! Sebastian and Calvin are now dating, and things are going well for them. Right until a brick comes flying through the window of the Emporium… sigh… and so the adventure begins!

Someone is going through Calvin’s cold cases and leaving messages for Sebastian to solve the case, with each clue being about PT Barnum! With each clue being more interesting than the last, Sebastian and Calvin must race against the clock to stop the killer before the body count rises!

I absolutely loved this series! C.S. Poe’s writing style leaves you wanting more with the mystery and the romance. Just when you think you know who the killer is, there’s a twist! Sebastian is absolutely adorable, full of intelligence and sass! Calvin exudes confidence and intelligence. The two of them together are absolutely perfect. They have the perfect partnership. Also, meeting Sebastian’s adorable father is the cherry on the cake. This story was so endearing, I immediately started re-reading it as soon as I finished.

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Release Blitz: One for All ~ Mia Moon

one for all

Release Blitz & Giveaway!

One for All- Reverse Harem Box Set by Mia Moon

Narrated by Lacy Laurel


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Audible: https://adbl.co/2xN96rt

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2xKQ6di

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Three stories, three heroines, many heroes. Many sexy, shirtless, dirty-talking heroes. Because you can never get enough reverse harem tales…HEAs guaranteed!

All for One

Can you get a second chance – with three men at once?

We’re all grown up, and we’re finally in one place again. Rex, Shaun, and Taylor. My three best friends from high school.

Gorgeous, successful, sexy as hell. They all came back into my life when I needed them most. I can’t believe I’m having these fantasies about all of them. About having all of them at once.

Then one warm night, everything explodes. They’re willing to indulge my fantasies… And give me a happy-ever-after. Together.

Power Play

Four hot hockey players. One woman who spends her life behind a computer screen. After watching her high school crush and his friends on the ice, things definitely heat up in this reverse harem romance…

When I drunkenly message my old high school crush one night, I never imagined he’d respond. It’s been so many years and I thought he’d forgotten all about me. He hasn’t – not even close. And when we meet in person all these years later, he’s a handsome pro hockey player…with three equally sexy friends. They could spend every night with a different woman, but they want me. I’ve been so focused on my job and my computer that when this complicated, real-world dilemma comes up, I’m not sure what to do. Am I supposed to choose just one?

Claiming Her Cowboys

Three cowboys are used to working together on their Montana ranch. Now they’re working to fulfill my every desire!

I’m sent to Montana by my New York magazine to write a travel story. Staying at a ranch, riding horses, gazing at the vast night sky – it will be like a vacation. And the bonus: the three ranch owners are all hot, muscled and 100 percent cowboy. Total eye candy.

And they all want me.

Can this city girl handle three rough cowboys? And what if they want me to be their forever cowgirl?


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Book Review: The Fuchsia Lakes ~ Michelle Dare

The Fuchsia Lakes

Title: The Fuchsia Lakes (The Iridescent Realm, Book 3)
Author: Michelle Dare
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Publisher: Daring Romance LLC
Date of Release: March 22, 2018
Pages: 268
Format: Kindle (Author)

In the Azure Kingdom, we meet Prince Luke and Alison. In The Pine Forest, we meet Princess Alison and Oliver. This time around, we meet Prince Elliott and Karis, Queen of Fuchsia realm. You get a very brief glimpse of these two in Princess Alison’s and Oliver’s story. It was very brief, but quite enough to set up this story.

There is a traitor in the midst of the Fuchsia realm. There are magical lakes with healing powers. One of the lakes is dying, with no way of saving it. Queen Karis needs the help of the Azures to not only protect the other lakes but also to find out who is harming the lakes. Elliott to the rescue! Elliott is such a sweetheart and Karis is feisty. They are quite the pair, but what are they to do when the mystery is solved? They both have obligations in two different realms. One of them will have to make the ultimate sacrifice, but will either one be brave enough to make that sacrifice?

Each story in the series is better than the last and leaves you with anticipation for the next! You get a sneak peek at the next story and it’s exciting to see what comes next. The writing is great and engaging. I think it would be awesome to hear as an audiobook. Even better if it becomes a movie or even a TV series! (OMG, I’m making myself excited!) I can’t wait for the next installment!