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Key of Mystery ~ K. H. Mezek


Title: Key of Mystery
Author: K. H. Mezek
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewer: Shakera


The Key of Mystery is an interesting book, if you can make it past the first half. The pacing of the first half of the story was extremely slow. I was tempted to not finish the story, but midway through it picked up. It picked up so much, it felt a bit rushed, but that is fine considering the first half of the story.

The plot was interesting, but I couldn’t connect to the characters. Sera was a bit whiny at times. Peter could have been fleshed out a bit more. I didn’t see any romance between them.

The story overall was okay but if you can power through the first half, you may enjoy it.

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Snow on Cinders ~ Catherina Constantine

Title: Snow on Cinders
Author: Cathrina Constantine
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewer: Shakera
I’ll be the first to admit, I totally judge books by their covers and I think I did a great job! The cover is stunning and the story is quite the page turner! While this could be read as a standalone (I know because I did it!), it would make this first couple chapters easier to understand and follow if you read the first book. With that being said, boy did I enjoy this!
Cities destroyed, government is corrupt, now it’s all about survival. What I thought was interesting is you do get a little of information about the government, as to understand why everything is happening. The story mostly focused on the inhabitants’ survival and I thought it was fantastic to see it from that point of view.
You are going to want to read the first book (if you already have, YAY YOU!) because there are many characters in this story. Each character is a STRONG character, which was a plus. The world building is out of this world! Imagination is a must! There are twists and turns left and right. Oh, and plot twist… yeah, that happens! It’s a fast pace story that left me wanting to know what happens next. I definitely have to read the first story!
I received this book as a gift from the author for an honest review.
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Blowing Smoke ~ Sean Michael


Title: Blowing Smoke
Author: Sean Michael
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera

This was an intriguing story. Brin is working for Dragon, who hates being social. He is the personal assistant to Dragon, but also his mate. Brin happens to be running away from a stalker ex-boyfriend… but you don’t really read too much about that storyline. It would have been very interesting to delve into that portion of the story as the character was already introduced. The interactions between Brin and Dragon were endearing and delightful.

It was a quaint story that can be read in under 2 hours that will keep you entertained. My only wish is that it were longer!