Forsaken ~ Kristen Day

Current Read

Well… Ms. Day knew what she was doing! This is a story about a young lady named Hannah, who was given up for adoption to save her life. She has no idea that she is more important than she really is. She is the daughter of the Greek sea goddess, Thetis… or known to some as Achilles’s mom. In this story, Thetis had a vision that her daughter would be a stronger sea goddess than she and her enemies will stop at nothing to destroy her. Unfortunately, the human aspect of Hannah’s life wasn’t much better than what she was set to face if she stayed with her parents. She’s sent to this school for children like her and her life changes! She changes her name to Anastasia. Her roommates (Phoebe, Willow, and Carmen) are awesome. Everyone there is special. They are all descendants of the 50 Nereids and they all have special abilities.

Enter Finn… the most attractive person Anastasia has ever seen. As usual, the mysterious guy is the one she’s warned about staying away from. So naturally, the warning only drew her closer to him. And boy did Finn have some secrets… upside, he’s reveals just enough (cryptically) that you didn’t want to punch him in the face. Downside, you don’t get all of his secrets… sigh. There are moments when you start to think you know who to trust and who means you harm… but in the end, you know where everyone stands.

It was extremely well written. It was funny, there were moments that tugged at your heart strings and you couldn’t help but root for Anastasia. I loved and appreciated Anastasia being a strong female character. I felt like every female in this story were strong and that made me appreciate them even more. I think this series has the potential to be in the ranks of “Harry Potter” and “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”. (Personal opinion of course!) I will be checking out the next installment to see where this goes!

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