Silverwood ~Betsy Streeter

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Where to start? Well… welcome to the Silverwood clan! Introductions are in order.

Meet Kate Silverwood, mom to Helen (14) and Henry (9) and wife to Gabriel. Kate is a bounty hunter, keeping the human race safe.

Gabriel Silverwood, husband to Kate, and father to Helen and Henry. Gabriel is a prisoner. You don’t really know what he’s done to be in prison. (Did I mention he escaped!)  You do know he’s special though.

Helen, teenager in high school and a very special young lady. Helen is like her father. She and her dad have very special blood, but she’s also like her paternal grandmother. She can hack any electronic device and re-wire it.

Henry, can draw future events before it happens and has not been wrong. (He runs neck and neck with Gabriel for being my favorite character!)

The Tromindox have come to feed on the humans and the Silverwood clan seems to be the only ones who can stop them… problem is Helen and Henry doesn’t know how special they are and Gabriel’s in prison. Kate hunts them down, but she’s only one person. The Tromindox can travel throughout time (they mostly travel to the future) to feed on humans. They don’t eat them per se, but they feed on the brain’s wave lengths to sustain themselves. The Silverwood clan must find a way to reunite the four of them to stop the Tromindox before it’s too late.

It starts a bit slow, but it doesn’t take much to get you hooked. The book jumps in and out of alternate realities and quite the page-turner. What I really loved about this story was the technology! It’s 2015 and this story has technology we all thought we’d have already. Helen was given a knife from her dad. It’s not just a knife… it’s also a recorded journal.

It’s very well written and I look forward to the next installment.


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