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When Joss Met Matt ~ Ellie Cahill


I have to admit, when I read the description… I was totally captivated! I thought this was a great idea… After a break up, you have that one friend you can go to so you can “cleanse your palate”. Most of us call it “Friends With Benefits”, Ms. Ellie Cahill calls it “Sorbet Sex”. Unfortunately, the execution of this was… okay.

This all starts with Joss getting a text from Matt (in present day) saying he “needed” her. From there, we go back seven years ago when they met as freshmans in college. There’s a party in Matt’s room and he and Joss got to know each other and become friends. One weekend, Joss’s high school boyfriend comes to visit. Turns out he met a girl while he was away at school, but that didn’t stop him from sleeping with Joss. So Matt recommended she needed to cleanse her palate and they have sex. They agree to be each others “sorbet”.

The story alternates between present day and some time ago in the past, whether it be seven, five or three years ago. They both enter and exit relationships that they shouldn’t have been in and they always have each other to fall back on. In present day, Matt realizes that at some point he wouldn’t mind ending relationships because he had Joss. The problem… they weren’t supposed to fall in love with each other. So what do you do when you fall for your sorbet?

The book started off great… getting to know each character was interesting, but after a while… it really started to drag. There were some relationships the story could have done without and the essence of the story would have still been there. The story was about 5-6 chapters too long. I’d give it 3 out of 5 stars…


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