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City In Embers ~ Stacey Marie Brown

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This is a story of a 22 year old woman named Zoey who works for a government funded organization, DMG. They capture and test the blood of creatures from the Fae world. On the outside, the official story is that they capture these creatures’ blood so that a cure can be created against most human diseases like cancer. Really though, they are trying to create a human that is superior to the Fae creatures in case the Otherworld (Faes) decide to go for world domination. (In this book, Fae is very general. That title includes sprites, fairies, shape shifters, etc.)

This story takes place in Seattle, WA… so some places triggered visuals for me to follow along. It was a slow start. It felt like every other line was Zoey overly explaining her past or feeling “woe is me”… after a while it gets a little tiring. However, if you power through that… sh!t gets real when you meet Ryker and Sprig… the two best characters of the book. There was a storm created by someone in the Fae world. The storm was so powerful that when the lightning struck Ryker, it stripped him of his powers and transferred them to Zoey. They have to figure out a way to transfer them back all the while being chased by DMG and creatures of the Fae world.

Ryker is tall, handsome, and brooding. He’s lived a long time to know how humans treat each other yet alone the Fae world. So naturally, he despises humans. On the flip side, Zoey grew up believing all Fae were bad and highly dangerous, out to destroy all humans. Sprig is a hyper active, ADD sprite that looks like a monkey and it highly addictive to honey. He’s also a narcoleptic. Did I mention he also talks?! He truly provides comic relief. The three of them are a team and I love watching them grow together. Overall, I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars. There’s definitely room to grow.


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