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Chasing Ravens ~ Jessica E. Paige

Current ReadOrphaned at a young age, 15-year old Anouk’s punishment for being too outspoken is an arranged marriage worse than any she could imagine. Fleeing on horseback, yet without a sense of where to turn, she stumbles upon an idyllic village where she finds safe haven. Could this be home?
When a curse threatens to kill the villagers she’s come to love, Anouk takes on the dangers of the natural and magical worlds to save them. Her journey takes her deep into the Dark Woods where she must draw on all her strength to survive, but will come to realize that these magic woods hold the key to discovering a gift she never knew she had.
Ultimately, it will lead her to confront the very face of death, yet amidst the danger and darkness, she meets a handsome woodsman and finds a glowing blue flower with power beyond her wildest dreams.
Inspired by Russian fairytales and steeped in ancient folklore, Paige’s novel is ripe with fantasy, love, and courage.

The synopsis drew me in. I like the concept and thought it was interesting. However, the book is not for me. I don’t think I’m the intended audience. I am 40% through the book and it’s just not holding my attention. It is well written, but after a while it starts to drag. Anouk runs away from an arranged marriage… and leads an ordinary life for about 30% of the book. I could not finish the book. I have stopped reading the book and maybe at a later time I will try to continue it. For now I have to acknowledge the fact that although it is well written… the book is just not for me and it would be a shame to force myself to finish it because I know I wouldn’t enjoy it as the author intended it to be.

(I received a copy from NetGalley for an honest review.)


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