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The Sacrifice ~ AJ Nuest

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AJ Nuest is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. To pick up where we left off… Rhys’s dad, Leo, has a dangerous hold over Faedrah and her dreams. Leo has got to be the creepiest bastard ever created. How has he made through Faedrah’s time to present day? That is the question! And a damn good one… with an even better answer! Took my breath away… (Rhys’s too for that matter!) Rhys will do whatever it takes to protect Faedrah, but this time around… it may be Faedrah that needs to protect Rhys.

This was a quick paced story that had me glued to my kindle. It had humor, nervousness, anxiety, dread, love… you name it, this book had it! Can’t wait to see what AJ comes up with next!


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