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My Highland Lover ~ Maeve Grayson

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What would you do if you could go back in time? What if you went back to solve a murder and met the love of your life in the process? Would you stay and watch everything play out?

That’s what Trulie has to decide. Granny wants to go for her last time jump… but is it really just about Granny’s last jump… or… is Granny up to something? Well naturally she’s up to something. It wouldn’t be nearly as fun if it was just her last jump!

Trulie jumps back in time with Granny with the understanding that she was helping Chieftain Gray McKenna solve the murder of his parents. Trulie and Gray join forces to solve the case and realizes there are more sinister plans at play. Can they prevent the terrible plot from happening and keep their hearts?

The writing is impeccable and the chemistry between Trulie and Gray is very sweet and lovely. They banter back and forth and it’s hot! It has the feel of a historical romance, but it’s not. It’s a great story melding two different time periods together perfectly.

Excuse me, I have to read the next one!


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