A Highland Bride ~ Maeve Greyson


Wow… wow! This is the second installment of the “Highland Heart” series and it didn’t disappoint. I fell in love with the McKenna clan and the Sinclair family in “My Highland Lover” (you can read the review here…) and I thought it couldn’t possibly get any better than Trulie and Gray. Boy was I wrong. THIS is the story of Kenna and Colum!

Kenna is one of Trulie’s younger sister and Granny is giving one week to get her things in order. It’s time to make her leap back in time. While Kenna is reluctant to make the leap, she knows it’s written in her fate to do so… and so it must be. Colum is the womanizer of the clan and what better way to make him change his ways than to have him set up the spirited Kenna. Over the course of a few months they get to know each other and grow close. But… what would a great story be without conflict?! Meet Chieftain Sutherland, the conflict. He has decided that Kenna was the woman that was meant for him and so it must be. Can Colum put his pride to the side to claim his woman? Can Kenna get him to see that he is her destiny?

Once again the writing is superb and it was absolutely genius how Chieftain Sutherland was written into this story. With Chieftain Sutherland comes another story line that I can’t wait to read and I’m sure will be in the third installment.


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