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Beauty and the Werewolf ~ Kristin Miller

Beauty and the Werewolf

I received a copy from NetGalley for an honest review… so here we go!

I don’t want anyone to think I didn’t enjoy this story because I did, but I was kinda expecting a little more from the description that was given. Isabelle is an international artist and soon to be pack leader of the Irish wolf pack. She wants to get her body of work together in one room to show her father with the hopes to make him proud. One of her pieces bring her to San Francisco where she meets Jack McGrath, the owner of her favorite pieces… and member of a lifetime family rival… It’s your paranormal version of “Romeo and Juliet”. Jack has managed to live longer than most shifters who haven’t found their mates. 20 years longer to be exact… so he’s pushing it! Isabelle has heard nothing great about the McGrath family… they’re liars, thieves, cheats… but what do you do when you meet the one who matches none of those descriptions?

Jack was a great character… he’s charming, sweet and sensitive. Some of the writing seemed a bit dated… but you got the point the author was trying to make. As this is the second book of the series… it could be read as a stand alone… (I know, I just did it!) I would recommend this to anyone who likes a quick, shape-shifting read!


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