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Blackmailed by the Hero ~ Julie Particka


I’m going to start by saying I received a copy from netgalley. Thank you for that.

Vicky has been in a rut since her divorce and through some convincing from her friend, Jade, she jumps in the saddle (or in this case the sack)… the only problem, it’s the wrong sack. She jumps in the bed of her brother’s best friend, Dante. Dante is a pro-wrestler turned actor and has wanted to be with Vicky prior to her wedding. She leaves her work ID in his room; if she wants it back, she must attend a few social events with him. If she doesn’t, he’ll turn her ID into her boss… and she’ll lose her job. She must go through this “fake” relationship if she is to keep her job.

While there were good spots in this story, there were spots that were just so-so. The writing was pretty well done and the interactions between Dante and Vicky were pretty good when things weren’t being blown out of proportion. Vicky, while trying to show she can be a strong, independent woman, sometimes came off as ungrateful… which was a bit off putting. Another reason this story was just okay for me… I didn’t realize this story was a part of a series, and this is the second installment of the series. Reading this out of order, may have taken a little from the story… but not much.


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