Everything ~ Melissa Pearl

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To start, this book has an awesome playlist in the beginning that really did enhance the story for me. (Check out the Jason Mraz song “3 Things” if you’ve never heard it before…)

Jody is a 20 year old young lady in college for performing arts. She has aspirations of being a Broadway actress… except that gets hindered when she falls for her music professor… and gets pregnant. Her professor has no desire to be a parent and when it is revealed that Jody is pregnant, the school asks her to leave.

Leo is a 27 year old (extremely attractive Australian) man who has aspirations of a Broadway playwright. But he’s mom’s golden boy and everything he does is to make her happy… and it’s making him miserable. He meets Gerry and mom loves her, so of course… they get married… only to have the marriage fall apart. After some big brotherly advice, Leo follows his heart (with some hopes and dreams) and comes to the States.

Jody and Leo encounter each other as he’s listing an apartment for rent and Jody’s having a bad day. He suggests listening to “3 Things” by Jason Mraz (which is really uplifting for anyone having a bad day… do give a listen!) and the rest as they say is history. It’s really a lovely story of how a friendship can turn into more… and that you may not have the life you want, but you will have the life that’s meant for you.

The start of the story is a bit different because of how it’s written. It seems as though the characters are in a reverie, which they may be… it’s a part of their past that leads them to where they are now. It does take a bit to get used to, but it gives a bit of back story.

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