Candra’s Freedom ~ AJ Nuest


If you have not read “Rowena’s Key”… do not proceed as this review may (and probably will) contain a few spoilers…. You have been warned!

Rowena still has no memory of who she is or who she used to be. Caedmon was held prisoner for two years while being tortured at the hands and mercy of Seviere’s men. With the help of his mother’s family members, Caedmon escaped and headed for Rowena. Only problem, she has no recollection of who Caedmon is. While he’s fighting her for her heart… she’s fighting to leave…

Now, while Rowena not having her memory is actually for a good reason, doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt… her or Caedmon. This was the first time Caedmon had ever been in love and with his luck… she doesn’t remember him. Just when I thought my heart was already broken for him… it shattered. It made me want to one of two things…

Loop my arm through Rowena’s arm as we took a walk and explained to her all his wonderful qualities and how I understand her memory loss is a problem… you are missing out on something… SOMEONE amazing!


Loop my arm through Caedmon’s arm and explain to him how I’m a much better option and she didn’t deserve him… LOL (I can already see my head on a spike for that!!!!)

The writing in this is so great that I felt myself on the verge of tears every time Caedmon experienced a setback with Rowena. Even though he is a tortured soul and hero, he is quickly becoming my favorite hero.


  1. You just write the BEST REVIEWS!!! I nod, I laugh, I get all choked up…and then I sigh and float away with a smile on my face. Shakera!!!!! You are so awesome! Thank you, my dear sweet friend and constant reader for being so kind to me. Love you, toots! xo

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