Caedmon’s Curse ~ AJ Nuest

Book 3


Be still my heart!!!! As Rowena is resolved in getting her freedom the best way she knows how, Caedmon has decided the best way to show he loves her… he has to let her go, but not before he knows for sure that she is capable of taking are of herself while she out on her own… outside the castle and his protection. This scene alone is more than enough reason to buy this series! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I promise you, this scene is storytelling at its best!

But just so you don’t get too comfortable, the moment will be interrupted! (There had to be some conflict… you wouldn’t have a story otherwise, silly!) There’s a traitor in their midst and a little birdy (maybe not so little) whispers a name in their ear… but it’s hard to digest. In the end, they take a leap of faith and must come up with a plan to prevail.

Although the series has one book left, I am proclaiming it. THIS IS MY FAVORITE BOOK IN THE SERIES! In “Candra’s Freedom” review, I mentioned that my heart was broken and then it shattered… well in this one, my heart was put back together… and shattered by revelations! It was awesome! (“Mean Girls” style… “One time AJ Nuest broke my heart, it was awesome!”) I can’t wait for the finale!


  1. LOL! It was awesome, mean girls style. That is too EPIC!!! OMG, you’re the best! Thank you, darlin! Wheeee!!!! I so look forward to these reviews! xo

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