Braedric’s Bane ~ AJ Nuest


We pick up with Caedmon and Rowena taking that leap of faith… through the mirror. Thankfully, they land in the home of good ol’ Oliver. Oh how I have missed him! And now, Oliver has a boyfriend. Everyone say hello to Jon! As Caedmon and Rowena explain their situation, they enlist the help of Oliver and Jon.

Caedmon’s adjustment to the present day isn’t going very well. He’s so far out of his element that you just want to hold him and let him know that it’s gonna be fine! For me this was the first time I felt like he doesn’t know what to do and that’s not sitting well with him. They must now travel back to Caedmon’s realm if they are to save the kingdom. The problem is how history is being written. History is not being kind to Caedmon, but it’s being extremely disheartening for Rowena. In some parts of history, she’s either the savior or the demise of the kingdom. What do you do? Travel bad to save the kingdom, that’s what! Kill the bad guy and be done it!

Or are you?

I’m so sad this series is over, but that doesn’t mean it’s done. Overall, the storytelling throughout this series has been absolutely amazing. The author, AJ Nuest, has a way of unfolding a story that has you emotionally connected to each character. While each page is not a page-turner and they aren’t meant to be… thankfully (how emotionally draining would that be?!) the character development that happens on those pages make up for the pages that are not action packed. I am so looking forward to reading more from Ms. Nuest!

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