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Sunblood ~ Maria Mora

Current ReadI’m torn about how I feel with this book. I did enjoy the story, but it had its moments where I left feeling “That’s it?” In some parts it was sweet and funny, but on other parts… just fell short. Caleb has an abnormality. He can read minds. Because of that, he is a part of a program that injected him with a microchip which is supposed to help regulate his ability as well as control when he uses it. Each person with a microchip is assigned an officer to watch and “protect” them. For Caleb, that would be Daniel.

Daniel volunteered for this duty, as he wants to help people. Daniel’s job is to make sure Caleb gets to court and town meetings on time… he’s used as the human lie detector. He has to delve into people’s minds for hours on end while they are standing trial to determine if they’re telling the truth. But… he hears all! Needless to say, Caleb knows a lot of secrets… and one day he hears the wrong one.

As a result, he’s carted away as violating a rule. As all this is happening, you as the reader can tell Caleb and Daniel have feelings for one another… but Daniel is ever the professional. Now Daniel has to find his way to Caleb to confess how he really feels now that there are no rules… but will it be too late?

The writing was great along with the world building, but sometimes I felt like while I was connected with the characters… I sometimes felt like I was no longer that invested in what happened. The ending was so abrupt that I said (unfortunately) out loud, “That’s it?! But how do they get out? Where do they go?!” (Not recommended if you’re reading on the porch as I was and people walking down the street stared..) It wasn’t bad, but it could have been better.


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