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To Win Her Trust ~ Mackenzie Crowne

To Win Her Trust

Let me re-introduce you to Mackenzie Crowne! She is the author of To Win Her Love (Click here for the review!) This time around, we get Tuck! (Yes, God!) It was made very clear from Gracie’s and Jake’s story, Tuck is a playboy. However, that’s not his entire story. It starts with meeting CC Calhoun at a coffee house and Tuck is in the dog house with the barista. He forgot her name and the dog ate her number… snickers As CC is leaving she has a panic attack and Tuck is there to save the day. Who knew a kiss could end a panic attack?! (Deep breaths… sigh)

This prompts CC to conduct an experiment… can a kiss from any guy stop a panic attack? Or just a kiss from Tuck? He agrees to the experiment and boy to sparks fly! The chemistry between Tuck and CC is electrifying and the banter was witty. You get to catch up with Gracie and Jake… plus a little peek at the next series! It was truly amazing to watch CC come out of her shell (especially after the terrifying events of her childhood) and Tuck show his sensitive and vulnerable side.

This could have been a very cheesy story, instead it was heart felt as you watched CC’s past and present collide with her future and Tuck shows you that his public persona isn’t necessarily who he is… or all that he is and can be. I look forward to the next story!


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