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Visions ~ Kimberly Readnour


I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This isn’t the type of book I would usually read, but I really enjoyed this.

Heather is a clairvoyant and it’s not a gift that everyone is in love with. In her hometown, a fellow student, April, goes missing. After coming in contact with one of April’s belongings, Heather has a vision. Ever since, students treated Heather as though she was a freak. Trying to help, Heather’s mom moved them to a town where no one knew Heather or her talents. Once there, she comes in contact with a toy phone that was still in the house when she and her mom moved in. She has a vision! A little boy, Johnny, is missing. While trying to unravel what happened to Johnny, Heather meets Barry… the hot guy next door. Together, they unravel what was behind the disappearance of Johnny AND try to prevent another child from being kidnapped.

This really was a good story. There were a couple (not many) downsides for me. The first downside was that I figured out what happened to Johnny rather quickly and who did it. (In the author’s defense, while I thought this was pretty obvious… I’m rather good at predicting these kinds of things…) The other downside for me was Barry. He was really only described as hot. He has a bit of a mysterious side to him that could have been played up more instead of towards the end of the book that ends with a pretty interesting cliff hanger. Barry was quite the gentleman; he opened doors for Heather, protected her when it looked as though there was danger… I just think he could have been described better than just “hot”… but I digress. Overall, I really enjoyed the story.



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