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The Wish Thief ~C.D. Verhoff

The Wish Thief

I received this book in exchange for an honest opinion… so….. here we go!

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It did start off a bit slow in the beginning, but when it picked up… boy did it!

Meet Glory Alley. She has all the bad luck. Her mother is deceased, her dad is an abusive drunk, and her siblings treat her like crap. Her only release… exploring the caves of Queen Mesa with her best friend, Clash. On the day of their excursion, Glory did the one thing you should never do… explore a dark cave alone. Once inside, she found the most beautiful rock you’ll ever see. But this isn’t your typical rock. This rock, along with a few qualifications, can make wishes come true. And boy does she need all the help she can get! The problem… that rock is the life and foundation of a planet that is slowly dying… because the rock is missing. Wybbils are sent to retrieve it and they come back with Glory. Through this journey, Glory learns so much about herself. In the beginning her wishes were selfish, but what she really wanted was to be happy. BUT… she learned a very important lesson… sometimes, you have to be careful what you wish for.

While this story is intended for a younger audience, I had no trouble following along and enjoying myself. It was well written and the world building was great. It did have me reflect on some of things I wished for in life. While that may not have been the purpose of the book, sometimes it’s the little things that call for self-reflection.


9 thoughts on “The Wish Thief ~C.D. Verhoff

  1. I bought this book after reading your review.
    I was wondering if you have any guidelines or details that discuss your requirements for writing a review. I would like you to review mine for me, please? Thank you, Caroline


      1. Confession: I haven’t read the book just yet! They sometimes simmer on my iPad, but I look forward to reading it!

        My book is not horro. It is geared to YA and doesn’t get gory.

        I am so glad you said you’d like to read it, thank you. How would you like to proceed?



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