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The Miyran Heir: The Journey of the Marked ~ Rebecca P. McCray

The Journey of the Marked

I received a copy for an honest review

This book was pretty freaking coolawesome… it was an awesomely, epic read. This author is new to me and I’m excited about the journey I am about to embark on!

On your sixteenth birth, there’s a chance you will be marked. (whether that is good or bad… well, that depends on how you look at it). Those who are marked are the chosen ones to join the Miyran army to help protect the planet. However, there’s one species, the Tyrnotts, that’s trying to take over and they’re not having it! The book focuses on Eros and his journey as one of the marked destined to be a Miyran soldier. On his first night, he runs into a bit of trouble with the Graeliths. They are trackers sent to destroy the marked and stop them from fulfilling their destiny. Along the way, you meet four more other teens who are very different from each other… but have qualities that makes this group not only special, but strong. Together, the five must make it the Miyran training camp alive to find out who the Miyran heir is!

This book was awesome and frustrating at the same time. (I LOVED EVERY MOMENT OF IT!) The world building was amazing. You read about what seemed like hundreds of species trying to coexist on this one planet and reading about the beauty of the planet and all it has to offer. The plot moved at a steady pace and it kept you engaged. Sometimes the transitions between the chapters didn’t flow so smoothly (for me) but it didn’t stop me from enjoying this book and wondering what happens next! The one thing I wish I knew before starting the book, if you go to the author’s website, you can read all about the different types of species. It’s an easier way to keep them straight. I can’t wait to read more from (PLUS, find out who the Miyran heir is!)

Click here to go to the author’s website!


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