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Double Take ~ J.K. Pendragon


I was immediately drawn to the story because it was Egyptian themed. The description definitely had me intrigued. This story is definitely for 18+.

Teka is a gender neutral student at Kemet Academy studying Magical Science. Teka always felt different as a child and decided to do something about it… and that is how xe earned xyr scholarship. Teka has crush on the graduate student/TA, Hasani, who’s a bit on the stern side. One night, while in the library, Teka runs into Hasani and it’s like he’s a completely different person. He’s laid back and flirty. Eventually, with all romance stories… one thing leads to another. Plot twist It’s called “Double Take” for a reason! Hasani… has an identical twin brother.

There were moments when I was clutching my pearls and some moments of me saying “Aww”. It’s a well written piece. If you’re wondering about the funky spelling of some pronouns that I used, that is because Teka is gender neutral. This provided me with a bit of an educational lesson (which I always love). Because Teka is gender neutral… he and/or she can’t (or shouldn’t) be used. Throughout the story, you don’t know what gender Teka started off as and I have to say (and I’ll probably be alone with this) … I liked that. I don’t think knowing would add or take away from the story. Overall, I enjoyed the story. This was my introduction to J.K. Pendragon and I look forward to reading more.


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