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A Time of Reckoning ~ AJ Nuest

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Best work yet! I loved this series. The conclusion leaves me wanting more. AJ has definitely outdone herself! (You are so freaking awesome!)

We pick up with Faedrah and her family (with Rhys of course) as a plan has been devised to search for Leo. Rhys doesn’t like the plan, but it may just be the best option they have. They have to find Leo’s tomb before it’s too late. Once they’re inside, some of the party learn things about themselves. Do they have what it takes to defeat the bad guy? Do you feel there’s a legacy you HAVE to live up to… even if it’s in your own head? Although the son does not bear the sins of the father… why do you still harbor those sins? There is a problem… There’s a hitch in Faedrah’s plan… they are in her realm. Rhys is not from her time. If you kill Leo now… what happens to Rhys? Time to devise a new plan.

I think this is Ms. Nuest’s best work yet! I was glued to my kindle… I just HAD to know how Leo will be defeated… Will Leo be defeated? If he’s defeated, what happens to Rhys? This book left no questions for me, except when does the next part of this story come out?! Excuse me while I go start this entire series from the beginning!


4 thoughts on “A Time of Reckoning ~ AJ Nuest

  1. You are just so awesome, I can’t even stand it!!!!! Thank you so much, Shakera!!! Geesh, you just always make my day!!! xoxo


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