The Noru : Blue Rose ~ Lola StVil

The Noru

I liked the book and it kept me captivated, but what kept this from being a 5 star book… the ages of the characters. The story would have been a great one if they were young adults instead of 14-year old kids.

With that being said… we follow Pryor on her quest to be a normal teenager despite being the daughter of the Angel of Death, Emmy and the First Guardian, Marcus … making her an angel and the First Noru. She’s feisty, kick ass, and impulsive. She has super powers (as angels tend to…) that are awesome, yet frightening. She, along with the other 5 Norus (Bex, Key, Swoop, Aaden, and Easton) protect the human world from evil with their supernatural abilities. Each one has a different ability that makes them unique. And they all use their powers for good.

And man is she having one rough week! Her best friend, Randy (human) is on mom’s list of people that has to die and there is nothing her mom can do. Evil has a new face… and it’s her Brother! He’s trying to bring about the destruction of not only Pryor, but the entire world. The team assembles to not only stop her brother, but to see what can be done to save Randy.

The book does have a disclaimer about Chapter 12. It really is for mature audiences, but the chapter really is completely unnecessary. It doesn’t add to or take away from the story; you can skip this chapter and miss nothing. I do get and understand what she was trying to achieve with this chapter… I just thought there was a different way to show that someone was hurting and trying to self-destruct.

Overall, I enjoyed the story and I understood why the ratings were high for this. I did have to take into account quite a few times though, they are only 14… not 19 or 20. I usually had to take that into account when I couldn’t understand why Pryor took offense to some things, but I understand. It did end in a cliff hanger, so I am eager to see where the story goes from here. (Also, that cover is kick ass awesome!)

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