The Wandering Harlot ~ Iny Lorentz

Current Read

I must start by saying that I received a copy from NetGalley for my opinion… So thanks for that!  I have to say… although the book was interesting enough to continue reading, it felt like it was a long book. This book takes place during the Medieval time period. The names can become a bit confusing… sometimes it was hard to figure out who was talking about who or talking to who. There are 6 parts in this book and each part has at least 8 chapters. There’s a chapter in the beginning and the end that helps explain a good amount of the history during that time period. (It’s a good book to read… if you have the time…)

This is a story about a young woman named, Marie, who is set to be married to a lawyer, Rupert. Although he is a lawyer, he’s as crooked as they come. Rupert, along with his accomplices,  shamed her and left her with nothing; as a result she is forced to leave her home and town due to her being tried and found guilty for not being “virtuous”. Rupert is ruthless in battle to gain as much power as possible, not caring who is harmed or killed.

Forced into the life of prostitution, Marie befriends Hiltrud, a fellow prostitute and teacher. They travel the country together and find themselves back in Marie’s hometown. They strengthen their bond with all the trials and tribulations they go through and along the way you learn how Hiltrud became who she is today.

What I liked about this book is that it showed Marie as truly human. She had moments where she could was witty, intelligent, and cunning. But she also had moments where even the little things could get the be get the best of her if she lets it. There were moments where life was just overwhelming, but she powered through. It shows you how you can go from being content with your life to having nothing and being bitter… It begs to question, how far would you go for revenge?

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