Emissary ~ Thomas Locke

Current Read

I must start by noting that I received a copy from NetGalley for an honest review. I was fascinated by this book with every page. We follow Hyam in his journey to find out who he is and save the realm.

The hero, Hyam, becomes an orphan that has extraordinary powers. He doesn’t know how he came to have them, but they come in handy. There’s an evil that’s overtaking the realm and he means to save it. He travels throughout the realm, gaining allies along the way and two very strong companions. Meet mages, Trace and Joelle. They become his confidants, which he severely needs. Both Trace and Joelle come from the Long Hall, but with very different stories. The three of them learn to trust and respect each other along the way and feelings develop between Hyam and Joelle.

I understand why this book received such high ratings! It flowed very well. It was fast paced, but not every page was action packed. With each chapter, you learned more and more about Hyam and his journey to find out who he is… what he is. The women were strong and I loved it (and Hyam appreciated it!) The world building was well done. I felt as though I was traveling along with Hyam, Joelle, and Trace through each village. It was great storytelling and I look forward to the sequel!

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