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Midsummer Dreams ~ Alison May

Midsummer Dreams

I went into this thinking this is going to be awesome. Midsummer’s Night Dream is such an amazing play and this based off of the play so it can’t go wrong! sigh I was wrong. The four main characters lead pretty unhappy lives… Emily’s father is engaged and that doesn’t sit well with Emily. She’s out to break up the relationship. Dominic, Emily’s boyfriend, is living the life his parents wanted for him… not the life he envisioned for himself. While Emily is trying to destroy her dad’s happiness, she doesn’t notice her relationship slowly going nowhere. Helen, Emily’s best friend, is in love with Dominic and has been for 10 years. Unfortunately for Helen, the feelings aren’t mutual. And then there is Alex. He doesn’t believe in settling down… until he meets Emily, who is in a relationship. So here we have 4 lives of hot mess!

I found myself wanting (and actually doing) skipping Emily’s chapters. She whines more than a child. I found her to be annoying and her chapters to flow pretty slowly. Helen is the character that seems to be the one everyone could relate to. We’ve all had that one big crush that wasn’t returned… mostly because we didn’t tell them.

I’m not one to leave bad reviews… and I hate to start my year off with this, but I’ve tried multiple times to finish this book… I just couldn’t. The flow of the book was too slow for me. While it wasn’t an awful book by any means, it flowed too slowly for it to be a great book that it had the potential to be. I would give it a 2.5, but Amazon and Goodreads doesn’t do half star ratings so I’d give it a 3.


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