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Wrecked ~ Sarah Grimm


If you ever want to be completely wrecked and love it, READ. THIS. BOOK! This book will absolutely ruin you and you will love it! This book … sigh… I don’t know how I survived. I’ve cried myself to sleep, I’ve sat in my office crying and couldn’t verbalize why!

I have to admit (and I’m almost embarrassed to do so…) this story completely broke me. I try not to cry, but I just couldn’t help it. While this is a beautiful, heart-felt love story, it’s also tragic. Emma Travers, so full of life but dealt a bad hand in life. Joe Campbell, quite possibly the hottest man (EVER!) and lead vocalist of rock band, Blind Man’s Alibi… has everything, but is fighting some demons. Emma is the “Sunshine” to his darkness. She is living in the moment and while it’s heartbreaking, it’s also breathtaking! She says the first thing that comes to mind and has a beautiful soul. She is truly what Joe needs.

I hate that I cried, but I. LOVED. THAT. I. CRIED! Emma is the epitome of the quote from Braveheart “Every man dies, but not every man really lives.” I’ve learn that I need to try to live in the moment and be myself. I have to say if I ever met Ms. Grimm I would have to tell her that I hate what she has done to me! I just finish reading the book and I feel like I need to re-read it. If Sarah Grimm decided to rewrite the dictionary, I’d read it! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!

(I know there’s a “wrecking ball” joke here somewhere… fighting the urge!)



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