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Irresistible Deceptions ~ Mackenzie Crowne

Irrestistible Deceptions


For five years, Nicky and her son, Alex, have been on the run… from her abusive and criminal husband, Jonathan.  Being sighted at her father’s funeral has forced her out of hiding. Now she’s on the run again, but this time she’s not alone. She has Rhy, an expert at tracking… and a man with a huge secret. What will happen when she finds out his secret? Will she run or will they work through it?

As the reader, you find out the secret early on. It kinda makes you feel like you know how this will play out. Well… not really. Is it a HEA, yeah… but it definitely takes some work for Nicky and Rhy to get there. She’s stubborn and he’s arrogant. So it’s the perfect match for drama and steamy romance. They spend most of their time trying to trust each other and their instincts, which didn’t always coincide.

It was a well crafted story that led you on a journey right along with Nicky and Rhy to find their own truth and salvation. I enjoyed the story and I felt like I needed to give both characters a stern talking to when needed. I would give it 4.5!


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