Playing With Fire ~ Alison Bliss

Playing With Fire

Just when you thought “This series couldn’t possibly get any better”… it totally does! This time… it’s all about Cowboy! (I loved me some Cowboy!) He finally found a girl who wouldn’t just bend to his will. She’s a quiet librarian and Cowboy’s trying to solve a crime of his fire chief. Anna is on the run from her past and ran right into Cowboy’s path. And boy was it fire!

Their interactions were just pure… whew! LORD!!!! They are fiery and sensual. Cowboy and Anna butt heads often and it’s enough to make you frustrated, but the payoff is so worth it. She is naive and he’s experienced, but boy does his reputation proceed him… but does the reputation match the person? He’s not a knight in shining armor, but he has a heart of gold. I thought I wanted a guy like Jake… but I think I really want a guy like Cowboy! He’s sweet and funny… very protective… and exactly what Anna needs. The same can be said for Cowboy. She’s sensitive, intelligent, and unlike any other girl he has ever met.

Take this sweet love story and add a blind man name Dan and great times to be had, friends! I loved every moment of this story!


(Everyone have a safe and fun Thanksgiving!)


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