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Unsung ~ Shannon Richards

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One day, you’re in love and about to get married. The next day, your fiance decided that knowing what each kitchen appliance does what is just too much for him. That is the story of Harper Laurence. She thought she was marrying the guy of her dreams, Brad… to only find out she wasn’t the woman of his dreams. Adding to the headache, heartache, and embarrassment of the entire situation is a local blogger (she makes us bloggers look bad), spreading the town gossip as though it was fiction. The other downside, most of her entries happen to be about Harper. The latest entry… Harper being deserted BEFORE the trip to the alter. The entry blasts Harper as a woman who doesn’t know how to keep a man and Brad being smart enough to get out before it was too late.

To get away from the negativity, Harper takes a trip to Nashville to visit her aunt. At the last minute, her aunt is called in to work. Just as a guy started to harass Harper, enter Liam, the younger brother of  Logan (read the review from his story here!). From there on out, both of their lives were changed forever. There is a vindictive actress who is hell bent snatching Liam, don’t forget about the blogger, and there’s Harper’s insecurities to contend with.

Don’t get me wrong… I figured out the conflict way in advance and I had an idea of the resolution. While the resolution didn’t quite play out how I saw it happening, I wasn’t that far off either. The refreshing part of this story was that it was Liam that was head over heels for Harper and she was running away. Her insecurities, at times, became draining… but it was a sweet story. Liam was really the perfect guy… sweet, loving, attentive. This really served the lesson… sometimes it takes walking away to really know what you have.


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