Rules of Protection ~ Alison Bliss


Just when you think you can have an innocent night out with your friends at a club, you witness something drastic and tragic  and not meant for you to see. Emily went to a club with her friends, Gina and Dale, to celebrate her birthday and Emily witnesses a murder. In the process, she meets Agent Jake Ward… only, she doesn’t know he’s an agent trying to put away the murderer. There’s an immediate attraction, but they each have their own baggage. Naturally, with the murderer being the head of the Chicago mob… Emily must go into witness protection. While in protection, she doesn’t follow rules and does irrational things… which constantly annoyed the hell out of Jake, but drew him closer as well. Jake had to deal with Emily shenanigans that constantly put her either in danger or in harm’s way… and find the mole within the FBI… boy did he have his hands full!

While everything she did wasn’t necessarily the smartest decision, it did cause me to chuckle. Emily was hot headed and impulsive, and it drove me batty! I was constantly frustrated with Emily, but having Jake, Uncle Hank, and Aunt Floss made it worth it! Not to mention all of Jake’s friends, Cowboy, Ox, Judd, Bobbi Jo (which Bobbi Jo’s name made me hear “Bobby with a Y” the entire in my head!), and Junior. They were great additions to the story and helped move the story along; while providing a bit of comedy relief when needed.




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